How to Style Your Throw Blanket in 30 Seconds Flat

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How to drape a throw blanket on a couch

I have a confession: for years, I had no idea how to throw a throw blanket. OK, that was a lame confession but honestly: how can something that BY DESIGN looks so careless and easy be so hard to figure out?


You know what I mean though, right?

Searching Pinterest turned up a bunch of tutorials with 47 different ways to style a throw. Sure, that’s cool and all. Maybe when I start bishop-folding my napkins for Taco Tuesday…

But for every day? I just wanted one effortless, foolproof way to get that casual, “oh, this old thing? I just tossed it over my shoulder and it landed like that,” look. You know the one.

*pointedly flips page of Pottery Barn catalog*

After lots of experimentation, I have found the one, and only, method you will ever need to style a throw blanket on a couch.


Have you ever struggled with how to throw a throw blanket? With this ONE foolproof method you'll have perfectly draped blankets on your couch from now on. Learn to quickly style throw blankets in your living room.


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This is going to look like an intimidating number of steps but bear with me or simply grab the free cheatsheet. Each step for throwing your throw blanket takes 30 seconds or less and is super simple.


Step 1: Lay your throw blanket out fully, right side down

Step 2: Fold the throw in half the long way

Step 3: Fold in half the long way again

Step 4: Fold in half the short way

Step 5: Drape your throw blanket across the arm of the couch

At this point, you can honestly call it done. Especially if you like a cleaner look. I however, like a more snuggly look so I add this last optional step…

Step 6: Scrunch the top layers of the folded throw with your creepy pinkish claw

Er, hand. I hate photos of my hands… but I digress.

I like to take the layers of that top stack of folded blanket, and sort of pull apart and crumple up the individual layers, leaving the bottom stack neatly folded and intact to add structure.



I hope this little tutorial was helpful! Don’t be me and spend years not knowing how to style a throw blanket on a couch 🙂

Now excuse me while I go practice my bishop fold…

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