Can You Put Up a Curtain Pole With a Screwdriver?

While putting up a curtain pole isn’t rocket science, it can be challenging without the necessary equipment. Many wonder if a screwdriver can do the job if you don’t have or can’t use the drill.

Yes, you can put up a curtain pole with a screwdriver. You’ll need to get self-drilling anchors at your local hardware store and use the screwdriver to install them. While such anchors can hold substantial weight, drilling is still best if your pole and curtains are particularly heavy.

In this article, I’ll explain how to install a curtain pole using a screwdriver with a comprehensive step-by-step guide. I’ll also share other tips and tricks for putting a curtain rod up without drilling that might work better for you if you have any complications with this method.

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Hand holding a blue velvet curtain on a gold curtain rod.

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How To Put Up a Curtain Pole With a Screwdriver

As I’ve mentioned, putting up a curtain rod is pretty simple if you follow the method I recommend here!

We’ll use self-drilling screw anchors, also sometimes called self-tapping anchors. I LOVE these zinc anchors from Amazon. They’re incredibly durable and easy to install.

Self-tapping drywall anchors are easy to install with a screwdriver and can securely hold a lot of weight. Typically, they’re capable of securely holding a curtain pole even with curtains.

However, it does depend on the weight limit of your anchors. You can consult a specialist at your local hardware store about the anchors that will work best if you’re not sure.

Let’s go over how to put up your curtain rod! Here are the materials and equipment we’re going to use:

1. Measure for the Brackets

The key to dominating this DIY is making all necessary measurements and correctly identifying the spots for installing our anchors. This part is the trickiest, so it’s important to be thorough.

Two brackets at both ends of the window are typically installed to hold the rod. However, depending on the size of your window and how heavy the rod and the curtains are, you may have to add more brackets for middle support.

For the purposes of this article, I’ll explain how to measure the middle point and the side brackets. If you need more, add them, ensuring they are balanced equally from the brackets at the ends.

Here’s how to make measurements and locate the right place for your brackets:

  1. Figure out the center: use a measuring tape to determine the width of your window and divide it by two. With the help of the same measuring tape, locate and mark the middle point above your window.
  2. Figure out the side brackets: depending on how much the length of your curtain pole exceeds the width of the window, measure 5 to 6 inches (13 to 15 cm) from each side of the window and mark the spots.
  3. Make sure the markings are level: measure an equal distance from the top of the window for each of the markings you’ve made, and use a level to check if they are located at the same height.

2. Install the Anchors

With our bracket placement determined, we can move to install our self-drilling anchors. All you need for this step is a screwdriver and the anchors you’ve purchased. The process is very straightforward and will only take a few minutes.

With the help of a screwdriver, install the anchors right into the wall. The paint may chip a bit but the head of the anchor will conceal any ragged edges.

Screwing the anchor directly into the wall should be pretty painless, but if you want to make it even easier, check out my drywall anchor tip in this article on how to hang a multimedia gallery wall.

Repeat for each of the markings, and you’re all set. The only thing left to do is attach the brackets.

3. Affix the Brackets

Finally, get your brackets and fasten them using the screwdriver. Brackets can differ a little from one another, so follow the instructions in the package if you’re unsure how to position them. Once all brackets are in place, you can add the curtain pole and enjoy the result.

3 More Easy Ways to Put Up a Curtain Pole Without Drilling

While the previous method is quick, easy, and reliable, it might only work for some. To give you more options for putting up your curtains securely without drilling, check out these three methods.

Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive curtain rod hooks, also called sticky hooks, are becoming increasingly popular in households. They’re extremely easy to install, and one of the best things about them is they don’t leave any unwanted marks on the walls if removed.

Whether you don’t have a drill at your disposal, don’t really know how to use it, or would like to avoid making holes in the walls (like if you’re a renter), adhesive hooks are a perfect solution.

All you need to do is make the necessary measurements, similar to what we did in the first method, and firmly press the sticky side against the wall surface. The hooks are removed as easily as they are installed, leaving no residue behind.

While attaching adhesive hooks, you may find that the paint isn’t smooth, making it difficult to stick them. Check out my article on why walls are bumpy and what you can do about it.

NoNo Brackets

NoNo brackets are also extremely easy to install and don’t require any additional equipment. However, they can only work if you have blinds installed on the window.

The company offers a variety of options to install brackets on any headrail conveniently. If this option suits you, you can look through their catalog and choose the model that will work best for your situation.

Installing the brackets is straightforward: place them on top of the headrail and fasten the screw so the bracket sits tightly. That’s pretty much it. Add the curtain pole and hang your curtains!

Magnetic Window Rods

This can be a real option if you have a metal window frame or a similar situation that allows attaching a magnet. Magnetic window rods are pretty much what their name implies: they’re fixed to a metal surface with the help of magnets.

While magnetic rods work best for light curtains, you can find stronger magnets to support more weight if you prefer heavier fabric. Overall, this method is quite specific and won’t be suitable for everyone, but it could be pretty helpful for some.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is yes, you can put up a curtain pole using a screwdriver. Self-drilling screw anchors are easy to install and can safely hold a lot of weight. You can also try sticky hooks, NoNo brackets, or a magnetic rod for installing a curtain pole without a drill.