Easy Kitchen Update Ideas You Can DIY In a Weekend

Does your kitchen need an update but you’re low on time (and possibly budget)? Try these three easy DIYs over the next weekend!  

Styled floating corner shelves in the kitchen.

I have a really nice kitchen already… but it’s a little builder basic. That photo up there? That’s the custom kitchen from our last house. I’ve been adding small touches to our current kitchen to get it there and you know what? There are three things in that photo that are:

  • easy to DIY,
  • quick to DIY,
  • and can be done on any budget.

Can you spot what they are?

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You don't need tens of thousands of dollars to update your kitchen. These 3 DIY projects are affordable and easily completed in a weekend. Get ideas to do a mini-renovation on your kitchen for cheap in this straightforward post!

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Thanks for supporting Bloom in the Black!

1. Change your cabinet knobs and pulls.

There are so many incredible sources for cool cabinet hardware. All the way from dirt cheap to beaucoup bucks. This is my favorite source for reasonably priced cabinet hardware that is a little unique and completely on-trend.

To make this simple kitchen update even simpler, I match the cabinet hardware I buy to what’s already there. In other words, I replace a knob for a knob, a pull for an equally sized pull.

Tip: Be sure you match a pull measurement from screw to screw, and not the overall pull as it can vary quite a bit.

I used these knobs on our dark gray cabinets and these pulls on our black cabinet (they will eventually all be painted black).

2. Install a new faucet

A faucet is one of those elements in the kitchen that’s overlooked so so often. But as soon as you upgrade you realize how much the bland one was dragging you down! Most kitchens come with that builder basic chrome model that’s perfectly serviceable but completely vanilla.

Listen, this sounds really hard and involved but it actually isn’t. This video is really easy to follow. Just don’t forget to shut off the waterline!

Faucets, like hardware, come in a wide range of prices. This one is very reasonably priced and I may just use it in our kitchen. Vigo is an excellent brand that delivers a lot of style on a budget.

Style a floating shelf with some greenery to add life

3. Hang floating shelves

Floating shelves in a kitchen can be a bit controversial, but I personally love them for breaking up what could otherwise be a cookie-cutter kitchen. Or for relieving the overwhelm of too many uppers.

They also offer so many styling opportunities! There are some specific ways to style an open shelf for each room, but they can be super functional in a kitchen if you get something deep with a higher weight capacity.

In our current house, I use these SUPER affordable floating shelves mostly for decor since we have a wide-open living room/kitchen combo. But in our old house, we had sturdier shelves that we used to hold our drinking glasses and bowls that were pretty great.

If you want a more functional shelf for storage, aim for open shelving that’s at least 9″ deep, with 12″ being the ideal.

Simple kitchen updates you can DIY in a weekend

Just think: if you do one of easy kitchen updates every weekend, you could have a whole new(ish) kitchen in less than a month!