The Playroom Design Plan: And The Winner Is…

After much deliberation, dreaming, discussion, and designing, the playroom design has been determined! What have the girls decided to do with The Apartment?

Well to start, there were a lot of elements that were already set in stone. We are working with what we have and spending a ton of money on a room that a 5- and 7-year-old will think is “boring” within a year is just plain silly. We already had the chairs, the coffee table, and the bookcases. A huge gorgeous magnet board we could potentially use. Essentially we were sourcing the icing.

The playroom in progress

Annabelle and I had spent a good chunk of time talking about design details and pinning a bunch of ideas so there was a ton of source material to work from. I knew what she liked and what I didn’t like (ha!) and we whittled down from there.

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We spent an afternoon looking for inexpensive yet durable rugs and she picked a winner! At that point, I had enough information to build out a couple of mood boards to present. So without further adieu…

Playroom MOOD BOARD #1

Beautiful, bold, and graphic tween girls room decor.


1 // Neon Sign

2 // Poop Emoji Pillow (sold out) similar

3 // Black and White Typographic Artworksimilar for less

4 // Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

5 // Inflatable Glitter Chair

6 // Scribbly Josie Wallpaper

7 // Pink Basket (sold out), similar

8 // Coffee Table

9 // Toy Storage

10 // White Cube Shelf

11 // Mosaic Rug

This option plays on the neon and bold graphics the girls were drawn to. We could design some fun black and white typographic word art to inexpensively print and frame, snag that inexpensive neon sign, and Josie designed a super-cool wallpaper we could wrap the existing bookcases in.

Playroom MOOD BOARD #2

Artsy tween girls room decor with modular art display!


1 // Magnet Board

2 // Clipboard Wall

3 // Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

4 // Chairs (no longer sold individually)

5 // Floral Wallpaper

6 // Black and White Half Moon Basket

7 // Coffee Table

8 // Toy Storage

9 // White Cube Shelf

10 // Mosaic Rug

This option relies on the girls creating the art. Which I LOVE! This wall of clipboards is budget-friendly and super cool as we can rotate an ever-changing parade of masterpieces to keep the room fresh. The wallpaper wrap for the bookcases would be a little less abstract in this case to ground what will certainly be some avant-garde artwork.

The Verdict

The girls chose… both. Hahaha as all clients tend to. They want elements of each board incorporated. The neon sign seems to be a non-negotiable but they love the idea of displaying their own art. I personally love the idea of using Josie’s wallpaper design because, hello! MY PRESCHOOL CHILD DESIGNED HER OWN WALLPAPER. Maybe we’ll just change the colors a bit. Or maybe not. We’re keeping our options open at this point.

I can’t wait to see how this comes out. To be honest, they are digging the current state of things so I don’t have a ton of pressure driving me to complete the room, but I plan to early in the new year. What has quickly become the true urgent project is our basement remodel which I am lovingly referring to as the Fam Cave. I’m obsessing over colors, flooring, and finishes as we speak. You will be hearing much more about this real soon…

So which board would you choose? Or would you go in a totally different direction? I dig where we are headed but we all march to the beat of our own drummer, right?