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10 Best Gifts for 9- and 7-Year-Old Girls (As Reported By Actual Kids)

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When I started pulling together a gift guide for girls, I realized that even though I AM a girl, it’s been a long (long) time since I was a kid. Lucky for me, I live with two actual, real live 7 and 9-year-olds, so I asked them.

“Hey, Annabelle and Josie, can you help mom put together the ultimate gift guide for 7- and 9-year-old girls?”

I’m guessing you know what they said.

So here’s the completely unfiltered list of their top 5 gifts for each age group, along with why they chose each item.

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The Best Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls

Annabelle: The thing I wanted to do was make a little gift guide pack that looked really cool. Because you know how 9-year-olds are growing up a bit? They need like, you know, more casual things.

Here are Annabelle’s top five gifts for 9-year-olds!

Tween Coloring Books

My description, not hers. What I call a “tween coloring book” is basically a coloring book that’s more sophisticated than a standard kids coloring book but more whimsical than an adult coloring book. Adult coloring books came into popularity a few years back and have maintained for good reason. They’re a great way to relax and as Annabelle explains, “it’s a fun way to chillax when you’re feeling stressed.”

Annabelle’s Recommendation

Make-Up Kit

I know, I know, this one can be controversial. I actually don’t mind getting kids a make-up kit though. For two reasons:

  1. It’s great practice for fine motor skills (yes, I’m 100% serious)
  2. It’s super fun for pretend play

That said, go for a real make-up kit and not one made specifically for kids. Those can be low-quality, produce lame results, irritate sensitive skin. Annabelle likes this gift because she’s “almost a teenager.” Lord help me…

Annabelle’s Recommendation

American Girl Doll

When I saw this one I gave Annabelle a total side eye. She has literally zero interest in American Girl Dolls. I asked her about it and she explained, “Yeah Mom, I don’t like American Girl Dolls but this isn’t a Christmas list for me. It’s for all 9-year-olds and lots of my friends like them.” Point taken kiddo 🙂

Annabelle’s Recommendation

Interior Design Sketch Portfolio

I swear I didn’t prompt her to add this! Both of my kids love interior design as much as I do, and this sketch portfolio is an easy way for her to get her ideas down on paper. This company has project kits for all different kinds of interests if your kid isn’t into the decor thing. If you have a crafty or artistic 9-year-old, this type of gift is spot on.

Annabelle’s Recommendation


Annabelle played this at camp last year absolutely loved it. A game like Twister is such a great family gift — what better way to get everyone’s butts off the couch and “get the adults off their phones.” Who, me?? 😉

Annabelle’s Recommendation

The Best Gifts for 7-Year-Old Girls

Josie: I picked my stuff because it looked really cool and cute. Some stuff I picked because it was cute and stuff, and some stuff I picked because it was cool. Plus it all looked safe and like kids would smile when they played with it.

Here are Josie’s top 5 gifts for 7-year-olds!

Little Live Pet

We’ve had a few Little Live Pets over the years, but this unicorn takes the cake. Josie — like many, MANY 7-year-olds — is obsessed with unicorns. Come to think of it, so is Annabelle so this might be a good pick for a 9-year-old too! Either way, Josie put this in her top picks because, “it’s the closest I can get to having a real unicorn until I catch one.”

Josie’s Recommendation

Twirly Dresses

Josie absolutely adores twirling in a classic fit-and-flare dress. Granted, not all girls love to dress up, but if yours does, she’s given this entire collection of fit-and-flares her stamp of approval. She has two with high hopes to get as many as she can. At least, “one for every day of the week.”

Josie’s Recommendation

Hatchimal Flying Pixie

I apologize for putting this flying pixie on the list because apparently, it’s one of the “hot toys” this season and difficult to come by. However, our local Walmart has one left according to their site so it’s definitely worth checking! Josie got this for her birthday last month, immediately declared it “epic,” and insists that it belongs on a good 7-year-old gift guide.

Josie’s Recommendation

Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine

I was laughing so hard when I saw this on Josie’s list. Granted, the kid has a sweet tooth like no other, so a soft-serve ice cream machine isn’t completely cuckoo bananas. I just find it hilarious that she insists it should be on a 7-year-old’s Christmas list. Heck, this might be on MY Christmas list — fun for the whole family, right?

Josie’s Recommendation

Harry Potter Pop-Up Book

Josie loves Harry Potter, and she loves pop-up books. So there you go. Even if your kid doesn’t like Harry Potter, there’s something magical about a pop-up book at any age. You’d be amazed at how many incredible options there are! Choose one on your child’s topic of interest and you can’t go wrong.

Josie’s Recommendation

There you have it — the 10 best gifts for 7- and 9-year-olds, according to actual kids. I hope you enjoyed this shopping guide and found what you needed.

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