The Top 11 Posts in 2020 According To You

Hey friends! I can’t believe we’re circling the drain, uh, coming to the end of 2020. Finally! Already? I guess it all depends on how you’ve been experiencing time in this bizarre year.

I thought it would be fun to share the top 11 posts of 2020, based on what YOU all have read the most! I dug into my analytics and with no further adieu, here were the 11 most popular posts on Bloom in the Black this year.

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I dove into the analytics and these are the 11 tops posts that you guys read in 2020. There's a great mix of home decor, DIY projects, and round-ups in there. Take a look!

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7 Affordable Leather Couches (Most With Free Shipping!)

7 affordable leather couches under $2000

This round-up of affordable leather couches is a perennial favorite! I update the links a few times each year to make sure that the sofas are still available, still affordable, and still the best ones out there. I wrote a companion post on throw pillows that go with leather couches that’s not in the top 20 yet but is climbing the ranks.

How to Build a Floating Bench (Without Buying Brackets)

re is the floating bench frame.

The floating bench I built in my girls’ bedroom is probably MY favorite project of 2020. It was my first major build that I did entirely on my own and the kids absolutely adore it. They love curling up to read books and nap there. The bench is actually super easy to build even if you don’t have a ton of woodworking experience and costs under $75 to make.

Easy DIY Homeschool Desk

Make this modern homeschool desk in only 15 minutes.

This homeschool desk was the (not so) surprise breakout hit of 2020. I actually have a super useful collection of office/school room resources if you need more ideas.

A lot of us found we needed a space for our kids to do at least some remote learning this year, and I’m so happy that y’all found this useful! It’s cheap, cute, and, best of all, easy to build. What surprised me most is how popular the wobble stools were! Those were the top product you guys purchased this year.

A Stylish Built-In Dog Crate: When Your House Goes to the Dogs

Use magnetic child locks to keep dogs from escaping their built-in dog crate

The floating bench was my favorite project of 2020, but our built-in dog crate is my favorite project EVER. Have you seen it? If not, I insist you check out the post immediately to discover the secret waiting behind those doors…

DIY Wired Word Signs

Dress up a storebought wreath with this DIY wire word

This is another project from the girls’ bedroom and I’m thrilled to say that it really took off! I think it’s because these wire words can be used and finished in so many different ways. I’ve make faux neon glow-in-the-dark versions, one wrapped in fairy lights, and one wrapped in jute (pictured above). And those are only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities!

Skunked! How We Made Our House Smell Good Again

My dog was sprayed by a skunk

Admittedly, this is a random post for this blog! But my “what to do when your dog is skunked” advice has, thankfully, helped a lot of you! I only wish I wasn’t such an expert…

How to DIY a Whiteboard Wall: Perfect for a Home Office

Graphic Home Office: One Room Challenge. Keep your to-do list front and center with this whiteboard / wall mural hybrid is gorgeous and functional.

My spin on the DIY whiteboard wall is maybe a teeny bit extra, but it’s such a fun project! Not to worry if you aren’t into the mural thing. I included full instructions on how to make a dry erase wall with and without the mural. From those of you I’ve chatted with, it was an even split between those who did the mural and those who opted to do a solid color.

Replace Your Builder-Grade Ceiling Lights for Under $50

The number one thing you can do to upgrade your builder-grade home is to replace those boob lights.

What started as a tip for upgrading the look of a builder-basic home morphed into a wildly popular round-up of ceiling lights that cost less than $50. It seems like affordable round-ups are popular with you guys. I totally get it! I like to splurge on one statement piece and go super affordable on the rest to balance the cost. High/low at its best!

How to Make a DIY Paper Flower Lantern

paper flower lanterns

There’s nothing better than a cheap and easy project that makes a huge visual impact. These DIY paper flower lanterns are not only one of the posts you liked the best this year, it was also my number one downloaded resource. 

How to Decoupage Laminate Furniture With Brown Paper Bags

how to decoupage laminate furniture

You know those ubiquitous white laminate cubes? I love/hate them. They’re so useful but so boring. I was working on a limited budget when I threw caution to the wind and decoupaged these storage units with brown paper bags but, you guys. THEY CAME OUT SO GOOD.

The Moody Home Library Reveal

My home library has my heart. We absolutely adore hanging out in here and in addition to being one of your favorite posts, I see it pop up on Pinterest all the time. This post has been steadily gaining in popularity so I’m thinking a post on how to create your own home library (ideas, tips, process) might be helpful for you guys.

How to Style Your Throw Blanket in 30 Seconds Flat

How to drape a throw blanket on a couch

Let’s end this top posts lists with the most practical post of the bunch — how to throw a throw. Honestly, this is one of those things that seems easy, but not everyone knows how to do it. A lot of you actually stumbled onto my blog through this post. And I’m so happy you’re here!

That’s all she wrote! Those were the most popular posts in this wild and crazy year.