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The Moody Home Library Reveal

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It’s ORC week 6 and all is revealed! The One Room Challenge is a wrap and I finally get to show you all this phenomenal moody library. Pour yourself a scotch, neat, and read on…

OK, so this room is 95% done and 100% epic. I love it so much! And my 7-year-old declared it beautiful (unprompted) so I declare this a win.

Planning to design a cozy home library? Need ideas? Check out this small home library for decor and design ideas. Most of the library was DIY (aside from the blue bookcase). You have to see the wallpaper in the built-in dog crate...

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Initially, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get enough shots of this fairly standard-sized, box-shaped room but, you guys, this room has so many moments. So much going on. So much to look at. My problem was narrowing down all the beautiful things to show you. Don’t worry, I’ll probably blow up Pinterest with the rest 😉

So without further adieu:

Library reveal -- ORC fall 2018

Ain’t she a beaut? Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?



Ew… no. Changed my mind. I kid, I kid. There was already a lot going for this room. For starters, the gorgeous built-in had been completed a few months ago and, let’s be honest, was stunning. NS Woodworking created this masterpiece and I highly recommend him to anyone in MA or southern NH. All custom, all amazeballs.

Is it just me, or does a moody library require leather? These leather chairs from Restoration Hardware are showstoppers. They’ve moved from room to room over the past year, just looking for their forever home. But this room was doing neither of these stunners any justice.



Do I start with the sofa or the art? Both are spectacular. Painting the walls black was the best choice I have ever made in my life. The sofa was fine against the whitish walls but is positively sumptuous with the black. And those beautiful ladies against that velvety dark wall? Stop. Just stop.


I mentioned in week 3 that I was having issues with symmetry and furniture arrangement and figured out that adding some height and angles to balance the gap to the side would solve a lot of problems. I found this super cool lamp on Joss & Main — perfect height, perfect vibe, perfect angles.

In that same week, I was all angsty about the coffee table and finding the right one. I have a secret… this isn’t the real coffee table. I stole it from another room in our house because the real one hasn’t arrived yet. Honestly, I haven’t even received an update. I’d be nervous, but it’s a pretty reputable company so I have high hopes that it will get here sometime in the next month or so. Frustrating? Yes. Tragic? Hardly. I doubt anyone would realize this wasn’t “the one” unless I mentioned it to them.

And the layout! I initially had something completely different in mind but the coffee table conundrum (and the ever-present deadline) made me think way outside the box, throw out ideas I was initially attached to, and come up with something completely different and so much better. This bar cart is the perfect accent for a moody library:

Please pause for a moment to take in this rug….

It’s so so pretty. Every person who has visited my house since we got it has asked about it. The rug is super soft and the wear looks very realistic (faux vintage).


The great thing about my first ORC challenge has been that a big part of the room was already done (the built-in), but I did take the liberty of making updates to some of the shelves…

If you need help in that department, I have a whole post dedicated to how to style bookcase shelves.


And how about that wallpaper?? It came out just how I’d hoped. I wanted to get a shot of it with the dogs lounging in the den but they were being punks and I had to banish them to another room while I took photos. The coffee table was originally styled out with a lovely charcuterie board but Franklin kept (aggressively) stealing the food. So yeah, the wallpaper design is fitting. It was inspired by the dogs tearing apart all the pillows and beds we give them. I call it Puppy Pillow Fight, ha.

Part of the 5% that remains undone is the doors to the den. In week 1 of the challenge, the dogs were playing with Matt and Franklin ran headlong into one of the doors and split the frame in half. SMH. The new doors are almost done but haven’t been installed yet so we remain doorless for now.


And because the details are everything…


This challenge far exceeded my expectations. I’ve designed rooms on a tight deadline before and it’s always a great kick in the pants to get ‘er done already. But all the love, support, and accountability makes this event truly something special. I met some cool people on the interwebs and got some awesome ideas from my new tribe. I will definitely be back for Spring 2019!



Wall color: French Beret by Benjamin Moore


This was a fabulous experience and now I get my dream moody library to enjoy with my family over the holidays. Alrighty, time to settle in and check out the rest of the participants. There are some amazing rooms to behold…


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  1. What a gorgeous reveal! I love all of the rich drama. And the nook for the dogs is genius! Whew…now that the ORC is complete, I’ll have that scotch!

    1. Thank you so much!! Hahaha I have a glass of Glenlivet with your name on it — cheers 😉

      Also, your bedroom came out INCREDIBLE! Congrats.

  2. You killed this! I love the color choices and the build in is spectacular!

    1. Thank you so so much! I saw your post on Instagram and can’t wait to read all about it tonight. It looks AMAZING. Well done.

  3. Ohhhh that couch is to die for! I am so trying to convince myself to not buy it right now.
    Love your space! You did a great job. The darker walls are so beautiful!

    1. That couch is awesome. It’s a steal — if you are in the market for a new one I highly recommend it 🙂 #enabler

      Thank you so much. I’m so excited to check out yours and all the other spaces tonight! I have a date with my couch LOL.

    1. Thank you! We are so lucky to have an amazing woodworker locally 😀

    1. Thank you so much!!! I feel like you can sometimes tell what time of year a room was designed based on the color palette, don’t you?

    1. Thank you so much! It’s nice to be done and enjoying the room 🙂

  4. Everything about this space is spectacular! Amazing job, Brianna!

    1. Thanks so much, Liv! I love your space too — holy cow!! That wallpaper is a showstopper.

  5. This looks incredible! I love the built ins. Can you share the color of them?

    1. Thanks Bridget! The built-ins are painted in North Stor by Pratt & Lambert.

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