ORC Week 5: The Sturm Und Drang (of Painting the Walls)

Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and whoah nelly, it’s been a busy one! Painting all those walls a lovely shade of black(ish).

I have to laugh at how naive I was at the start of the project. Even having years of experience that should have made me know better. I somehow thought I could bang out that wall painting in two maybe three hours. Hahahahahahaha…. yeah, no.

Night one was fourish hours, lasting well past midnight. I was delirious and exhausted by the time I went to bed but felt content in the knowledge that it was a job well done. Until I went downstairs in the morning. It very obviously needed at least another coat. Which tuned out to be three in some places, up to five in others. And I somehow splattered paint all over the trim in my sleep-addled state.

None of that matters though because a.) it’s finished! and b.) it looks INCREDIBLE. I freaking love these dark walls against the blue bookcase and the other furniture is completely elevated against such a luscious backdrop. Worth every paint-soaked second. I don’t want to reveal too much ahead of next week but here is a sliver of a peek:

Yum, yum, yum.

The wallpaper arrived and it looks even better in person. I am super impressed with the quality of Spoonflower’s woven wallpaper option. Super thick and matte with rich colors and a nice subtle texture.

The infamous wallpaper IRL

I’m a little nervous about installing it in such an awkward space as my cutting skills are pretty abysmal. If I don’t have a computer to facilitate, straight lines and me just aren’t happening. But hey, I’ll do my best and if it isn’t perfect I’m sure the dogs will forgive me.

The art is framed and ready for hanging, the floor lamp to balance out the sofa wall has been ordered, and I am on the hunt for the right bar cart and some accessories to tie everything together. The big question is whether I will finish in time.

Honestly, it’s in the hands of the shipping gods at this point.

I’ve been in touch with the company that sold me the coffee table and they don’t really have a firm idea of when it will arrive. I am holding out hope but if it’s late, it’s late. I have a plan B stand-in for reveal day (my living room coffee table) and I will just do a follow-up post if need be.

Either way, I am thrilled with how everything is shaping up and have had a blast with this challenge. So stay tuned because next week it’s on. All will be revealed by me and the other talented ORCers. Check them out and get ready. Next week is going to be epic…