Changing Course, Just a Bit: One Room Challenge Week 2


Week 2 of the One Room Challenge is always a little weird for me. I’m usually at the questioning stage. Finalizing and ordering elements, discarding ideas, changing the details. Basically a lot happening on the screen but not a ton of progress to actually SHOW.

Here’s the update to the dark and moody design…

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Here's the updated Dark and Moody Master Bedroom mood board

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The Color Block Wall

After mocking it up in a bunch of different colors I decided that I hate the look of it for this room. We have a long, low bed so that horizontal line was a little too much. I’ll save the color blocking for another project down the road.

This color block wall doesn't work with the lines of the bed. Too much horizontal!

The dark and moody color palette stays, naturally. Since color-blocking is out and I still want to do something fun on the walls, I’m thinking stencils.

I’ve been obsessed with this media console for years but never had the right spot for it. When I saw this stencil? It gave me some ideas…

This shibori stencil adds great interest to a dark navy blue wall.

I reserve the right to change my mind (again), but right now? I’m feeling this.

The Rug

This. rug. is. amazing. I’m working with an incredible, new-to-me company called Solo Rugs that has generously provided the Persian stunner that will be going in the master bedroom. When I first took a look through their site I was blown away by all the unique options.

Their mission is to make designer-quality rugs accessible to everyone. Solo curates an amazing selection of the best rugs and is able to offer them at insider pricing (at a wide range of price points to boot). Love it!

Odds, Ends, and Orders

I ordered the lights and the artwork that I shared with you last week. Also, I found something that has been eluding me for years.

A guitar hanger. Weirdly specific, yes, but do you know how hard it is to find a truly attractive guitar hanger? If you don’t, just trust me when I tell you it is.

But I FINALLY found the most gorgeous guitar hanger I could ever have imagined. Ready for it?

For ages I’ve wanted to be able to hang Matt’s guitars vs. having them leaning against a wall or stored in the closet. I freaked out the second I saw this. I love iron. I love leather. And it complements the dark and moody design perfectly.

The Layout: A Work in Progress

I’m playing around with how to address the wall directly across from the bed. I did a little mock-up for scale and it works but clearly needs a little more tweaking.

Playing with the wall layout.

I have a rough idea of how I’ll make the dresser. More like hack. Woodworking isn’t in my toolkit (yet). We’re definitely looking at something in the black family with yummy legs and special hardware. Hopefully I’ll have more to share about that next week!

Next Steps

Paint! I have some samples drying on the wall as we speak. It’s between a blackened navy and super dark green. I’m hoping to break out the sprayer and knock out the base coat later this week.

Until next week friends! And in the meantime, check out all the amazing work done so far by the 20 featured designers and the hundreds of guest participants.

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