Pretty Things and Painting Woes: One Room Challenge Week 3

Week 3 of this dark and moody bedroom makeover means the pretty stuff is starting to arrive! Even when the finished room is still so far off, seeing some of the details come together in real life starts to make the vision more tangible.

That said, this week wasn’t all rose petals and cotton candy…

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There Was a Little Paintastrophe

The plan was to try my hand at spraying the walls instead of my typical rolling of the paint. Sadly, I’m not very good at this. Instead of the silky smooth finish I anticipated, I got gloppy and streaky. I stopped halfway down the first wall when I realized that my adjustments just weren’t working. Long story short, I ended up having to sand the glop and roll the whole room. The glop wall isn’t perfect but it’s passable.

This was 100% user error. I know plenty of people who use sprayers and get great results. I really should have practiced first. You live you learn.

That said, I actually had some paint issues in my first ORC. Maybe I just can’t paint with an eggshell finish?

The Art Has Arrived

And it’s beautiful. I worked with WhiteWall again to get this digital oil painting printed. Their team guided me to the perfect material and framing option as usual, and now that printed oil painting looks incredibly realistic due to the canvas it was printed on:

I’m also bananas over the floater frame. I love the depth that gives a canvas piece, don’t you?

The Rug

Solo Rugs sent a stunning Persian in record time. It’s even better in person! I’m so very happy.

Between the rugthe art, and this gorgeous pillow cover I found at a local boutique, I’m feeling confident this dark and moody bedroom is headed in the right direction.

More Goodies Arriving This Week

The lights are coming, the lights are coming! I can’t wait to see these beauties in person. Here’s a photo sent by my friends at RevealHome all the way from Greece:

table lamps

I love the use of classic materials in a modern shape. And there’s just something about that cord detail. Gah! I’m excited to see these against the acacia of the bed.

The stencil is also on the way! I’m debating whether I should go with lighter blue, gray, or white for the stencil paint color. Thoughts?

The Dresser

I need to get to IKEA.

It’s far. I don’t feel like driving there. 

That said, I obviously need to get my butt in the car, like, yesterday, in order to make this blackish dresser I’m imagining.

Next Steps

Stencil and figure out the curtains and bedding. I can make the dresser at the eleventh hour…

Until next week friends! And in the meantime, check out all the amazing work done so far by the 20 featured designers and the hundreds of guest participants.

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