One Room Challenge Week 2: This or This?

It’s week two of the One Room Challenge and I’ll be honest, things don’t look a whole lot different, ha! That’s ok though. Sometimes the progress isn’t so much “show” as “tell”…

Lame Update

I’m going to be 100% honest: this is going to be a mildly lame update. I don’t have a ton to show. A decent amount to tell, I guess.

It’s been a lot of thinking, and planning, and ordering this week. One big issue I’m mulling over… the desk. I had initially planned to do a stained black top with natural legs but… a natural top with black legs is looking pretty good right now too. What do you think??

One Room Challenge Spring 2019 Week 2: What color to make the desk?

In my heart, I think I know the answer, but I am curious to hear a second opinion. I might be swayed by the amount of work right now, ha!

In other news, I had thought to order a premade mural and design the wallpaper but I might do a flippity flop on that. I was playing around with some shapes and themes that inspired me, and these elements feel like they belong on the mural wall….

One Room Challenge Week 2: Mural Ideas

New Arrivals!

Late-breaking: my chandelier arrived only hours ago! I am anxious to hang it tomorrow when I have the natural light to work by. Everyone pray I don’t get electrocuted.

I am 100% kidding.

Pro in da’ house over here.

Next week gets a bit tricky as my mother-in-law will be visiting. We are very excited for her to arrive but she will be staying in the construction zone. I want to keep everything as put together as possible so she can enjoy her stay. She is a super DIYer herself so maybe she can lend a hand!

Sorry to say, that’s all folks! I hope I’ll have more to share next week but pinky swear, it’s all getting done. Until next time.

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