Replace Your Builder-Grade Ceiling Lights for Under $50

Builder-grade is boring. I just needed to put that out there to start. Don’t get me wrong: builder-grade isn’t inherently bad. It’s just very basic and intended to be as inexpensive and non-offensive as possible. Is that really the look you’re going for? I didn’t think so.

The number one thing you can do to upgrade your builder-grade home is to replace those boob lights.

If you live in a new construction home — as many of us do — it can feel a little overwhelming to figure out what to upgrade first. The cabinets? The counters? The doorknobs?

No, no, no. There is one very easy swap you can make right now that will make a HUGE impact. Are you ready for it? Okay…

Replace those awful boob lights!

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Should I replace my builder-grade lights?

I would venture to say that nobody would actively choose a boob light if given an alternative. They scream, “Yeah, these just came with the house and I didn’t care enough to change them.”

Listen, no judgment here. I still have a bunch of builder-grade lights in my house because we’re working on things in stages. But every time I change one out it brings me pure joy. It took me 15 minutes to go from this to this:

15 minutes to go from basic boob light to modern chandelier

Can I replace a boob light myself?

Yes! It’s a very easy DIY, assuming you have common sense and follow instructions (i.e. go down to the circuit breaker and cut the power to the light fixture you’re working on).

If this isn’t you, please, for the love of cheese, hire a pro. Have them do multiples at once for the best bang for your time and buck.

I thought about writing up a tutorial but honestly, there are so many good ones online that it didn’t seem necessary. Here’s a really approachable and thorough explanation from Building Our Rez.

Good light fixtures don;t have to be expensive. These were only $25!

Are ceiling lights expensive?

Not. at. all. The sconces above my built-in were under $50! I also have this beauty above my kitchen sink.

I’ve had amazing luck finding beautiful ceiling lights on AmazonWayfair, and Etsy. It takes A LOT of digging, but what you unearth will be well worth it.

Not into the thrill of the hunt? I get it. I’ve rounded up my picks for the best ceiling lights under $50. All of these lights are flush mount and suitable for replacing a boob light.

Click the arrow to scroll through my top picks then click the image to buy:

I hope my little PSA has inspired you to make this simple yet powerful home upgrade.