ORC Week 4: Wallpaper, and Walls, and Tables, OH MY!

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and the finish line is almost in sight! I’ve made some important decisions regarding the layout from last week and finalized the walls, wallpaper, and table situation.

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Things are starting to come together! I finally got my butt to the hardware store to get the paint and the cutting in has commenced. I’m using French Beret by Benjamin Moore and I LOVE it. Matt thinks it’s too dark but my vote counts more, ha.

The hand that holds the paintbrush rules the world.

For an intimate space with lots of pretty things to looks at (the furniture, the art, the built-in), dark walls have the amazing ability to recede and allow everything else to shine.

Here is a preview (please forgive the crappy, poorly lit phone photo):

Built-in: North Star by Pratt and Lambert; wall color French Beret by Benjamin Moore
This color is SO GOOD against the built-in.


Last week I shared that I had been struggling with the layout and where to find a giant ottoman or table. So many of you on Instagram and in the comments shared great ideas so THANK YOU. That really got the wheels turning.

I realized that maybe I was being too rigid with my initial pass at the layout. Honestly, it was a little awkward to chat with the chair grouping on the window wall. Turns out it was the chairs that were the problem, not the table/ottoman.

Moving them directly across from the sofa worked really well! I was a little concerned about blocking the lower cabinets to the built-in since I access those a lot, but floating the chairs forward a bit makes just enough room to comfortably get in and out. Now the conversation grouping makes so much more sense. We had a party with this rough layout and everyone ended up congregating in here to socialize. AND the table size that this layout calls for is way easier to find. Basically anything from 48 – 66 long and 25 – 36 wide should work.

Is it perfectly centered? Er… no.

BUT, now that the window wall is empty, my thought is to find a vintage case piece or bar cart to put between the windows and align that to the chandelier. That should optically recenter the room and compensate for the rest of the furniture kicking to the right a bit. It’s all about the lines that the eye and the brain subconsciously draw — we want things to relate to one another in some fashion.

I’m actually really digging this new direction. Let’s hear it for creative problem-solving!

New rough furniture layout
Annabelle digs it.

A couple of late nights were spent searching the interwebs with a whole new set of criteria for the table – which incidentally I finally decided should be a table and not an ottoman for purposes of setting down drinks, doing some casual homework, etc. I found a brass and marble coffee table with a convenient spot to hold the week’s school papers.

I was hesitant to go so light (with the white marble top) and pull too much focus here, but keep in mind this room is kitchen adjacent and we have a large expanse of marble-like quartz counters that will add a nice point of reference.

Reclaimed wood was a strong contender for material, but I wanted to give myself as much flexibility as possible for this new furniture piece I need to source for between the windows. Which is likely something wood. Didn’t want to go overboard on the wood – this isn’t a lodge, it’s a lounge (library?)!


The rugs and artwork all arrived and everything looks great — exactly as expected. More importantly, I finished the wallpaper design and placed the order! I cannot wait to see what it looks like in person. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty pleased with myself ?

Dog den wallpaper
I’m so incredibly happy with how the design of this wallpaper came out.

Next week will be the true test of endurance. I have to finish painting, source the frames, hang the art, shop (house and retail) for décor, and shop for that last furniture piece. I think it will be down to the wire for hanging wallpaper and whether the coffee table arrives in time. I may have to put a fake table in for the reveal. Sigh. That’s what this challenge is about though right? Doing the best you can and being proud of where you end up, even if it’s not 100% final, right?

Society 6 Artwork
I can’t wait to see these go up against those dramatic dark walls…

Now please excuse me. I’m off to do some shopping… and painting.

In the meantime, you need to click on over to the One Room Challenge blog and pour through all the amazing progress everyone is making! These transformations are going to be insanely inspiring.