3 Decorating Ideas for a Small Patio

Yesterday I woke to an unexpectedly warm and sunny morning. When you live in the northeast, you take advantage of those in April. Nobody else was awake yet and I enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee, Better Homes and Gardens in hand, soaking in that glorious sun.

I don’t know about you but I love having a small outdoor room to hang out in. And let’s be honest: this is the time of year to snatch up the outdoor furniture for the best selection. Once the patio furniture is gone, it’s GONE, people.

If you’re dreaming strictly of rattan, here are my top 7 picks for outdoor rattan chairs.

In the spirit of embracing the sunshine, I’ve pulled together three small space furniture combos for you to enjoy outdoors, whether on a tiny patio or at the edge of a huge yard.

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Small Patio Idea #1: Modern Farmhouse

The clean lines of the bench and the patina of the table are the perfect balance of farmhouse and modern. I love this patio furniture set-up for farm country, but I could also see this nestling perfectly into a small garden patio or at the edge of the woods. That chunky mug filled with steaming coffee alongside a thick stack of magazines? Pure heaven.

Bench  //  Side Table  //  Coffee Cup  //  Cream and Sugar Set // Throw Pillow

Small Patio Idea #2: Graphic Boho

I adore the wild mix of colors in this outdoor furniture set. This combination would be perfect on the west coast in a little side yard or on a balcony in the city. The open rattan of the chairs keeps this from feeling too heavy against the solid side table.

Chair  //  Side Table  //  Coffee Cup  //  Throw Pillow

Small Patio Idea #3: Neutral Minimalist

This final small space set-up is utterly sleek and chic. At first glance, you may feel this is purely urban but the natural colors paired with minimal lines allow that chair and table blend right into a woodsy setting. It’s modern art meets Adirondaks.

Chair  //  Side Table  //  Coffee Cup  //  Throw Pillow

A lot of us are working with limited outdoor space and need ideas for how to furnish a small patio. Even if you’re working with a large yard, it’s ideal to create little conversation areas throughout. I hope these small space ideas have given you some inspiration to create your own outdoor room!

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