What Can I Use Instead of a Console Table?

Anyone who has an open space in a hallway or entryway will know that a console table is the best option for a surface to place things on and under. But what if you can’t find a perfect console table or don’t have enough space for one? 

While a console table is an excellent slimline surface for decorative and functional storage, some spaces simply can’t accommodate it. Instead of a console table, you can install a shelf with hooks, a bookshelf, small pedestals, wood stumps, book piles, and more!

We’ll look at nine alternatives you can use instead of a console table in this post. Don’t let something like space or available console designs stop you from having a beautiful and functional surface in your home. 

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What To Use Rather Than A Console Table

Console tables are great. You can use them in empty-looking hallways, behind a sofa, or even as a bedside table.

But what if you don’t like the look of console tables, can’t afford them, or simply don’t have the space for one? 

Below are some of the best console table alternatives you can use that will work in the largest and smallest of spaces in your home. 

Wall Shelf And Coat Hanger

One of the easiest ways to replace a console table – especially in an entryway – is to install a wall shelf and a coat hanger.

By installing these, you can store things like keys on the shelf with the addition of coat storage.

You also have quite a few options in terms of the shelf and coat hanger which means that you can customize these items according to your tastes and style. 

Here’s a great example of this type of storage, but don’t feel limited by the horizontal space. 

Vertical wall-mounted coat hangers or drawer knob hooks can add a design element without sacrificing floor space.

You also get to adjust the shelf length and depth according to your available space, making this one of the most flexible options on this list.


If the problem is that a console table doesn’t offer enough storage, replacing it with a bookshelf is a great solution. 

Much like with the wall shelf, you get to select a size based on your available space, with the added benefit of ample storage space. 

You can obviously store books on the shelf, but don’t feel limited. 

Bookshelves look great when styled with statement decor pieces and baskets (for closed storage) and can even act as entryway shoe storage. 

Wall Peg Rail

A trend popping up recently – especially in farmhouse designs – is installing wall peg rails. 

Installing this in your house is an easy weekend project and makes for ample storage around your home – this one is great in hallways, bathrooms, and entryways!

This blog details how to install peg rails, and while the styling is minimal, you can always choose to add some small baskets to catch scarves and beanies.

Small Pedestals

If you want to place a console table somewhere in your living room but can’t find the space, a small pedestal table is a great alternative. 

This pedestal table from West Elm is a perfect example of great pedestals available on the market. 

If you have the space in your room, you can place more than one next to each other to create a cluster that will look artistic and add surface space to any room. 

If you buy a slightly larger pedestal, you can even place it in a reading nook where it can elegantly display your tea while you read.

I have a whole round-up of small pedestal tables if you want to go in this direction.

Book Piles

Piling books is a great trick for those with a massive collection of coffee table books and limited storage space – simply stack the books high enough to create the perfect surface that can easily be adjusted according to what you need. 

Just make sure to place a coaster on the books if you plan on placing drinks on them. 

Storage Baskets

Wicker storage baskets (or any other type) are a lifesaver for decorative yet functional storage. 

You can store these together and label them to know what each basket contains. 

Adding baskets to your home will hide all the messy clutter while adding a stylish decor element to any room a console table would usually be. 

If you have a lidded basket, you can also use it as a makeshift table to hold vases or even play board games on.

Side Tables Or Stools

A more functional option would be to use small chairs. You can easily cluster a few stools together to add character to any space. 

The bonus is that you’ll always have more than enough seating! 

If grouping chairs and stools don’t sound like your cup of tea, you can use small side tables.

Place two of the same or similar-looking side tables next to create a cheaper console table while saving some dollars. 

Using side tables is especially useful if you have a more significant gap to fill and need additional space to display and store items. 

Vintage Trunks

If you’re into thrifting, using vintage trunks rather than a console table is a fantastic way to display your findings while hiding any unwanted clutter. 

Trunks make a great alternative to baskets with lids, and they can add tons of character to a space. 

What’s better is that you can stack them to create the perfect height for your room’s needs!

Black wainscotting in hallway, wrapping around a corner.

Nothing At All

Sometimes less is more. 

If you have an empty space you want to fill in an entryway, plants are always a great option and add some life to the area. 

You can also lay down a runner, hang some art pieces, and create a self-curated art gallery in your hallway. 

Not into that? Give your walls an upgrade with board and batten or a fresh coat of paint.

Or, simply embrace the open space you have – sometimes, leaving a space open will inspire new ideas to fill it. 

After all, who said a console table (or its alternatives) is the best way to fill a space?


There are various ways that you can swap out a console table with other objects while still making the most of the space in your room.  

The options mentioned above are versatile and can work with nearly any interior space and design preference. You simply have to select what works best for you and your needs. 

What makes some of these options a great save is that you can get away with spending little to no money to implement the design. 

Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to make the most of your space and what you have available to get the beautiful and functional surface you would have with a console table.