The Front Door Color I Never Knew I Always Wanted For My Grey House

When we bought our new build house back in 2017, there were a lot of paint color decisions to make all at once, and I wasn’t really prepared to make them.

When asked what color I wanted for the front door, I was like, “Um, black, I guess?”

Because you can never go wrong with black!

But over the years, I started feeling like I was missing a big style opportunity. Sure, the black was classic and elegant, but you want your front door to make a statement, you know?

So, now that my front door is completely beat up and in desperate need of a new coat of paint, I decided to take the plunge and give it a simple weekend glow-up.

Front porch of a grey house with a scratched up black door with a backet of dog toys next to it.

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As you can see, this door has seen better days. The paint is all scratched up, revealing the white primer underneath, and the basic brushed nickel lockset isn’t doing this entryway any favors.

In this post, I’m sharing my quick weekend front door makeover and exploring the best front door colors for a grey house.

Choosing a Front Door Color

First things first, what color did I choose? What color would be best for my grey house?

The best front door color for a grey house is purple. That may sound shocking, but shades of purple and grey share many of the same characteristics that blend easily and beautifully together. The key is in the shade of purple you choose. Choose a purple that is either very dark or in the lighter range. Mid-tone purples can be garish, while a deep aubergine purple, cheerful lilac, or dusty lavender door will work on any shade of grey house.

I decided to go with a deep aubergine paint called Night Groove by Clare. I like that it was still very dark and moody (my favorite) but added an unexpected pop of color (also my favorite!).

Painting a door is one of the easiest projects you can do, making it perfect for a time-strapped working mom. I was able to paint the door in a couple of hours on a Saturday (two coats) and install a new modern black lockset on Sunday afternoon.

My best time-saving advice is to paint the door while it’s still on its hinges. If you remove the door knob and lock, then tape the hinges, it’s very easy to paint while the door is still hung, and you avoid taking the time to remove it.

Tips for Painting a Front Door

I’m going to keep the tips short and sweet. When painting a front door, be sure to:

Use a semi-gloss exterior paint for maximum durability.

Close-up of purple paint dripping from a stir stick into a can of paint.

Wash the door well with soap and water. This will help the paint adhere and create a smoother finish.

Hand in a bowl of soapy water.

Start with the insets. Using a trim brush, paint all of the grooved insets first. This 3/4″ trim brush on Amazon is my favorite for getting into those deep, skinny grooves.

Close-up of a hand using a trim brush to paint a black front door purple.

Roll the flat parts. A 4″ roller is the perfect tool for rolling the flat parts of the door. If done well, you might only need one coat for the flats.

Close-up of a hand rolling purple paint onto a black front door.

Allow to dry thoroughly between coats. I waited an hour between coats. Longer is better, but I was impatient!

Finishing Touches

Of course, I couldn’t stop at just paint! I installed a new black lockset to add even more moody drama to this front door makeover, then styled with layered door mats, a pretty fall shrub, and some unusual pumpkins.

Purple fron door on a grey house. Striped welcome mat on the porch next to a red shrub and three pumpkins.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this quick weekend project! Now that I’ve finished phase one, I’m wondering if I should look into adding a cool doorknocker…

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