How Often Should You Change Door Knobs?

Door knobs can last for decades without you encountering serious problems. This doesn’t mean they’ll stay functional forever, though. So how often should you change door knobs?

You should change your door knobs every seven years. Some knobs, especially vintage styles, can last a long time without any issues, but waiting for them to become faulty before you replace them isn’t recommended. Updating your hardware regularly is best to ensure a safe home.

How long does a door knob usually last, and how do you know when it already needs replacement? I’ll walk you through everything you need to know in this article.

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The Average Lifespan Of a Door Knob

The average lifespan of a door knob is around 25 years. 

Some will start to have issues after seven to ten years of continued use, but others can last a lifetime without being faulty. However, remember that your door knob’s lifespan will still depend on several factors, including the quality of the door hardware and the condition of the door where it’s attached. 

Most importantly, look at how the knobs were installed since getting them. There is a big difference between the lifespan of a door handle that was installed by a non-expert and another that was handled by a professional.

When Is It Time To Change Your Door Knobs?

Changing your door knobs every seven years is best, but you don’t have to stick to this timeline. Feel free to replace them as soon as you move into your home, if your style has changed, or once you notice the signs of a faulty door handle. 

You’re Starting To Have Difficulty Locking Your Door

One of the most evident signs that your doorknob needs to be changed is when you already find it hard to keep it locked. You may notice things like still being able to open the door despite the lock being twisted. 

Similarly, you may also find your door locking itself. Either way, it can be very inconvenient if you leave it as is.

Lock-related issues are just one of many possible problems that may happen with door knobs. You should also consider replacements once you encounter difficulties in twisting the handle, unusual grinding sounds from the knob, and missing screws and other parts.

You Need a Security Upgrade

If you ever need to upgrade your home’s security, changing your door knobs is one good way to start. This recommendation is for those with outdated knobs, specifically over a decade old and lacking modern security features. 

If this applies to you, it’s best to invest in a door knob change. You should consider this if you feel your current hardware isn’t protecting you enough.

That said, some types that you should look into are keyless knobs, smart deadbolts, and keypad deadbolts. These are just some of the most modern door knobs that you can rely on when it comes to security upgrades. 

Level offers gorgeous smart lock and knobs sets that are worth looking into if you want to upgrade your exterior lockset.

Another reason to change your door knobs is if you lose your keys, and there’s no chance you’ll ever find them again. If someone else finds your keys and knows where you live, they could get into your house very easily. 

Changing the doorknobs and the locks can prevent this from happening.

There Has Been a Lifestyle Change in the Household

Whenever your lifestyle changes, you should consider having your door knobs replaced. Think of when the number of people living in your home significantly decreased, and you need tighter security. 

This also applies when your child recently left for college. For instance, if a certain room in your house was reserved for a married couple in the past but will soon be turned into a nursery room, you should definitely change the current door hardware into something more accessible.

Consider integrating a smart feature or fully removing the entire lock so that you can check on the baby anytime.

You Just Moved Into Your New Home

It’s a good rule of thumb to replace all the locks in your new home, no matter how good their condition is. Doing so will ensure that your security is top-notch and will let you avoid issues if the previous homeowner gave out key duplicates to other people.

Similarly, if the house you moved into is rather old, you may want to update the locks. 

The door itself may sometimes need restoration, too. Call an expert and have the hardware checked, so you can see which exactly needs repairs and replacements.

You Want To Remodel Your Home’s Aesthetic

Door knobs may not seem like the most important thing when remodeling a home, but it actually does a lot to its aesthetics. From the color, type of door knob, and size up to the placement, expect that it will affect the overall design of the house. 

For example, you may find that the knobs in an older home are placed very low, and it might look a little odd to you.

It’s a subtle change, but you’ll notice what a difference it makes!

Things To Know When Changing Door Knobs

Although changing your door knobs sounds simple, you can’t get whatever hardware is available at the store and install it on your door. You may have issues like incompatible door knobs, low-quality handles, and a general lack of home security. 

That said, here are some things you should note:

  • Door knobs come in all shapes and sizes. Not all door knobs are made the same. You’ll find them in various types and qualities, so you’ll need to choose your next door hardware carefully. Take several factors into account, like the kind of door you have, the aesthetic you’re going for, and the features you prefer.
  • You shouldn’t wait for issues to happen before you replace your door knob. A broken door knob isn’t the only time you should consider a replacement. Keep an eye out for certain social situations and security issues as signs that you need a new door knob.
  • Know when to repair vs. replace your door knob. Sometimes, all your door knob needs are minor repairs and maintenance instead of a full-on replacement. This is common among faulty handles that are less than five years old. Consider asking an expert about the better, cheaper, and longer-lasting option.

You’ll want to ask a professional about changing your door knobs, especially if you’re not handy with these things. Remember, the answer to how long your door knobs will last will depend on the quality of installation. 

If you used low-quality hardware and didn’t give much thought, you’ll surely need to replace your door knobs before the seven-year point. However, if you maintain them properly, they should last a lot longer than this.

Final Thoughts

You may think you only need to change your doorknobs once they get faulty. However, replacement is actually recommended every seven years, no matter how good you think the condition is. 

Regularly changing your door knob may sound unnecessary, but it can offer many benefits for you and your home. For one, it will serve as a way to upgrade your home’s security. You can also notice a significant difference in your home’s aesthetic quality.

You can change your door knobs yourself, but working with a professional is recommended if you don't feel comfortable going the DIY route.