Do you need some ideas for your home office or school room?
Whether an entire dedicated room or a single wall in your home, the place that you work and learn could always use a little love.

DIY a Laptop Desk and Work From Your Bed

What if you don’t have room for a dedicated home office or you need a flex work space? Easy! Make a laptop desk to use in bed, on the couch — anywhere, really.

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How to Style a Zoom Call

Style Your Home Office For Zoom Calls

The reality is that we’re all on video calls a whole lot more than we ever thought we’d be. Take this as an opportunity to style your home office for the perfect Zoom call.

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DIY a School Desk

How to Make a DIY Homeschool Desk

Do you have elementary school-aged kids learning at home? This project is for you. Quickly and inexpensively make a cute desk that’s the perfect height for the K – 4 crowd.

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One Room Challenge Home Office

Before and After: A Graphic Designer’s Home Office Redesign

Looking for a real-life (re: small) home office transformation to get practical ideas and design inspiration? Read on for all the details and reasons behind each element of this graphic designer’s home office redesign.

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Paper clutter buster

How to Make a DIY Clipboard Wall

This simple 15 minute DIY works whether you have a giant home office or tiny nook under the stairs. Try this if you need to get organized and your paper clutter under control.

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Whiteboard mural

How to Make a DIY Whiteboard Wall

This project takes 5 days to fully complete due to drying time, so keep that in mind before you begin. Try this if you have kids, do a lot of brainstorming, or need in-your-face reminders.

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Make an IRL Zoom Background for Your Home Office