A Girls’ Winter Wonderland Holiday Bedroom

If you’ve landed here after touring The Heathered Nest, welcome! And if you’ve just happened to pop by, welcome to you too 🙂

I’m excited to be joining the 2020 Holiday Home Tour that’s being hosted by 11 Magnolia Lane and Evolution of Style and guys, we’ve completely decked out the girls’ bedroom for Christmas. Take a look…

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First, a story

As a kid, I was OBSESSED with Christmas. I loved everything about it — the traditions, the smells, the T.V. specials, and especially, the decorations.

I realize that’s far from shocking.

I remember hiking out to the woods and “chopping” down a scrawny white pine sapling — because I had to use scissors to cut it — and setting it up in my bedroom. It was the Charlie-est of Charlie Brown Christmas trees and I absolutely adored it.

With this humble magic in mind, I decided to let the girls dictate the decor of their holiday bedroom and let Josie style most of it (yes, that explains the random aqua tinsel tree in a sea of red and green!).

Listen, it may not be traditionally magazine-worthy, but in my 7-year-old’s awe-filled words, it’s “a magical winter wonderland.” <3

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Don;t miss this winter wonderland Christmas bedroom. Girls bedroom decorated for the holidays. Complete with easy free advent calendar and DIY winter branches. All decked out with orange slices and candy canes to complete the look!

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Winter in the Woods

Since the theme of their bedroom on a typical day is a secret garden at night, we thought creating a North Pole forest vibe would be a fitting transition. My mom gave the girls this sweet little pre-lit tree and Josie decked it out in dried orange slice ornaments and candy canes.

Tween girls bedroom decorated for Christmas with dried oranges, winter branches, plaid, and holiday bedding.

Candy canes were also added to the whimsical winter branches we crafted, along with the shatterproof ornaments I’ve had for 17 years and counting. Here are some similar shatterproof ornaments if you plan to do some decorating with kids too!

Obviously, you can’t have a canopy bed at Christmas without wrapping some twinkle lights, so I grabbed two sets of my favorite battery-operated fairy lights and went to town.

Magical holiday branches with ornaments and twinkle lights.

I just love the juxtaposition of the illustrated leaves on real branches. It keeps the decor from skewing too “grown-up.”

Close-up of ornament and winter branches.

The only thing we didn’t really have already was Christmas-y bedding so I went to Target (of course) to see if I could snag some affordable sheets. Can you believe that all the twin sets were already sold out on November 4th?? So we improvised, bought the cheery holly berry flannel sheets in size full, and did lots of tucking.

And I couldn’t resist picking up that gorgeous red “joyful” pillow with the matching “love” pillow to finish things off.

Red Christmas pillow with plaid on couch, decorating a white canopy bed.

I was thrilled to see that the gold DIY pendant lights above each bed only added to the festive holiday spirit and didn’t need more than a small wreath topper.

Little Christmas tree with orange slices, candy canes, and twinkle lights next to a bed.

Back in the spring, I turned this under-used closet into a cozy reading nook complete with a built-in upholstered bench. Lucky for me, the twinkle lights were already there and the bench is green so the nook was already halfway to Christmas!

We took out the big flowers, replaced them with little red cardinals from the Dollar Store, and created a simple (and better yet, free) advent calendar nestled into the greenery.

Whimsical reading nook decked out for Christmas. Raggedy Ann is enjoying a cup of hot cocoa while admiring the twinkle lights under the easy DIY advent calendar.

Each day in the countdown is a strip of paper with a holiday riddle on it. In the morning, they read the question then run downstairs to find our Elf on the Shelf, Scarlett, who is holding the answer and usually has a small gift associated with the punchline.


  • Question: What is a Christmas tree’s favorite candy?
  • Answer: Orna-mints! (Scarlett is hiding in a big bowl of candy canes.)
Close-up of easy, free advent calendar!

All in all, we’re thrilled with how the bedroom came out! So much so that Josie may not come out again until spring.

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