We Have Curtains! AKA Small Wins: One Room Challenge Week 5

I mentioned last week that I still had to go to IKEA. Well, I finally accepted that paying for shipping was 100% worth it. Sometimes your time is worth more than a somewhat exorbitant shipping fee.

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To make the shipping worth it, I also ordered drapes and a bench that I might use in here. It would be nice for Matt to have a true guitar playing “zone” and a bench under his guitars could be really cool. A guitar playing seat requires low or, preferably, no arms.

Making the Dresser

The legs came in earlier this week and they’re very chic. And, they’re height adjustable! This is a great feature if you have uneven, old house floors. I don’t now, but I used to, so I appreciate these types of features.

But what color for the dresser? NOTHING FEELS RIGHT. That’s really all I have for an update. I’ve tried a few colors and they’re all just… wrong.

What color to choose? Got my trusty swatch deck.

Wins For the Week

In happier news, we got the big bad rug under the big bad bed! It was actually surprisingly easy. Some things are much harder in theory than in reality. I love when that happens!

I also got the curtains up! Sadly, I forgot to snag a photo, but they’re affordable and very lux looking. Total score.

Next Steps

Pick a color and paint the dressers, then… style and shoot for the big reveal next week!

Until next week friends! And in the meantime, check out all the amazing work done so far by the 20 featured designers and the hundreds of guest participants.

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