A Dark and Moody Master Bedroom Design: Before and After

Finally! This dark and moody master bedroom renovation is ready to reveal! I hope you’re excited because I sure as sugar am.

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In this big navy blue master bedroom reveal, you'll get ideas for a stenciled accent wall, how to mix black and dark blue in a bedroom, and tons of photos to save for your mood boards. Be sure to check out the gorgeous guitar wall!

A big thank you to my sponsors at WhiteWallRevealHomeSolo Rugs, and Pretty Pegs, without whom this room would have been far less special.

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Dark and moody bedroom reveal

Wall Sconce  //  Candle  //  Bed  //  Duvet  //  Sham  //  Shibori Wall Stencil

Let’s go back a few weeks and take a look at the before. In some ways this might not seem that dramatic, because really? It was just an empty room. With dark walls (they were a different color, I swear!). But trust. The difference between a sad empty room and a cozily full haven of decorated bliss is vast.

This bedroom is bad.

I think this was hands-down the toughest ORC I’ve done yet. It’s funny, because I thought this one would be a snap! But you know what they say about never assuming…

The Stenciled Accent Wall

This stenciled accent wall was worth every second of the 10 hours I put in. But yeah. I didn’t plan for 10 hours.

I was inspired by this incredible sideboard that I’ve wanted for years but never had the right place for it. The pattern makes such a beautiful impact. I debated adding some artwork or a mirror but at the end of the day, I really didn’t think it needed anything extra.

Dark and moody master bedroom reveal with stencil wall detail

The Guitar Wall

At first blush this feature was supposed to be a little bonus detail. Some icing if you will. But as I worked in the room it grew and grew to be a space unto its own.

And honestly? It isn’t done.

I plan to add at least one more guitar (already ordered more of these amazing guitar hooks), upholster the top of the bench, and maybe get Matt a new amp for Christmas (don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog).

The guitar wall feature of this dark and moody master bedroom is beautiful and functional.

Bench  //  Throw  //  Lamp  //  Ladder  //  Painting  //  Guitar Hooks

I bought this crazy affordable wood and metal ladder to hang some of Matt’s tab books from, and also to uniquely display the artwork I had printed and framed at WhiteWall. I use them anytime I want incredible framing with a side of friendly advice.

Guitar feature wall on navy blue

Bench  //  Throw  //  Lamp  //  Ladder  //  Painting  //  Guitar Hooks

Black and green dressers flank the bedroom window

Those Dastardly Dressers

I think this dresser hack turned into the drama of the (my) year. What color will she do? Is it quiet, unassuming schoolhouse green or life of the party coral? WHO WILL GET THE ROSE?

Apparently neither! I took a step back and realized that my original idea with a twist was the right thing to do. I painted them black (shocking I know) and added a small strip of that gorgeous green in the center inset.

For my second ORC in a row, I turned to Pretty Pegs to help me hack my IKEA furniture into glorious bespoke amazingness. This time I opted for the Elsie legs and they were the perfect, quiet counterpoint to my Ivar dresser situation. Best part? The legs are independently adjustable. Old home owners rejoice!

Black and green dresser detail

Lamp  //  Cabinet  //  Legs  //  Picture  //  Beads  //  Wood Sculpture

My plans shifted and drifted a whole lot during this process. In even more ways than I mentioned on Instagram or here. I initially planned for these lamps from RevealHome to be bedside, but I love them too much for that. As soon as I had them up against the wood of my bed? Nope. They faded back way too much.

So I shifted my plan a bit a put one on the right hand dresser to light a very dark corner and the other on the guitar bench to shed light on any impromptu jam sessions.


Lamp detail

Lamp  //  Cabinet  //  Picture  //  Beads  //  Wood Sculpture

This. Rug.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the rug. This glorious rug!

I started my design with the artwork (which you can download for free here), but the rug was that piece that helped click in the rest of the parts. So many colors! I snagged this beauty from Solo Rugs and I was incredibly impressed with their selection and quality. If you need a new rug, take a look. It’s a highly curated site with price points to fit everyone.

Rug detail

Enough With the Jibber Jabber

Let’s just look at more photos. That’s what you’re here for, right?

That’s a wrap, friends! Once you have your fill of this space, check out all the amazing work by the 20 featured designers and the hundreds of guest participants.

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