The 16 Best Round Mirrors and How to Decorate With Them

One of my favorite ways to add style to a wall is with mirrors. I especially love round mirrors. They’re a great way to break up the boxiness of a gallery of artwork, add a single impact piece to an entryway, or simply to add a functional piece of beauty to your bathroom.

I’ve scoured the internet high and low to find the 16 best round mirrors and how to decorate with them. These mirrors run the gamut from farmhouse to modern, gold to wood, and everything in between. Learn where and how to use each of these mirrors in your home!

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Looking for the perfect round mirror but feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Here are the 16 best round mirrors you can buy online. Learn how to decorate with each mirror, as well as what décor style each will complement. || Round mirror round-up by Bloom in the Black || #roundmirror #mirrorideas #decoratewithmirrors

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Natural Wood Round Mirror

This large round rustic mirror is perfect for a home that’s either industrial or farmhouse inspired. At 30″ it’s a statement but not so huge that it would dwarf a smaller space. Try this one over the table in your entryway to check your hair on the way out the door.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Round Mirror

If you need a classic mirror that will blend with a million different styles, this oil rubbed bronze mirror would be a good choice. While it will make a quiet statement on its own, this mirror can also take a back seat to a vignette you’d like to showcase. In other words, it plays well with others.

Half Frame Round Mirror

This option is a little bit boho, a little bit modern, and a whole lot of look. That half round mirror frame can add a really interesting twist to your walls. Paired with some soft macrame and a bold graphic vase, you’ll end up with a high-impact decor statement.

Ornate Vintage Gold Round Mirror

I’m absolutely obsessed with round vintage gold mirrors. I love this option for a modern victorian living room or a glam powder room mirror. Equal parts eclectic and traditional, I don’t think you can possibly go wrong with this one.

Rope Hanger Round Mirror

Is it just me, or is there something a little nautical about this circle mirror? Maybe it’s the rope hanger? Either way, this rustic design is the smallest of the bunch, clocking in at only 15″. This makes it the perfect accent in a tight corner or as part of a larger decor group.

Copper Round Mirror

This super sleek round copper mirror is a design classic. At 18″ around it’s easy to integrate into any area of your home, but I especially love it placed opposite a window in the living or dining room to create a “bonus” window.

Pewter Framed Round Mirror

This large round antique pewter mirror is giving me ALL the urban vibes. It could also be the product photo, ha! Either way, the cool gray of the metal frame along with the sparkle of the glass smacks of a cityscape. Try this option to bounce light around a small hallway.

Wood and Metal Round Mirror

When you can’t decide between a rectangular mirror and a round mirror, choose both! This modern industrial mirror is the perfect match for a transitional decor style. Try this piece by the front door as part of a command center or in the living room over a barrel chair.

Boho Round Rattan Mirror

If you love rattan, you’ll love this gorgeous round boho style mirror. My favorite feature is the handle at the top which is a.) a nice detail and b.) makes it super easy to hang. Try this mirror above your vanity or in a texture-on-texture neutral-toned living room.

Gold Sunburst Round Mirror

For a new take on the classic midcentury modern sunburst mirror, take a look at look at this beautiful twist. I love how they’ve simplified the classic form that we know and love, making this round gold mirror work for a wide variety of decorating styles.

Modern Gold Round Mirror

If you’re looking for a simple round gold mirror, look no further. This stunning piece works in any space you have. I love how they’ve paired the sophistication of the mirror against the graphically grouted tile in the product photo.

Large Natural Wood Round Mirror

Is a quiet, natural look more your thing? Then this acacia wood wall mirror is the perfect piece for you. I especially like this option for a room that already has a strong statement piece and needs a more simple mirror.

Huge Round Jute Statement Mirror

Large round statement mirror over styled bar cart makes for a gorgeous decor moment.

I just got this mirror and let me tell you — it makes a HUGE statement. It’s physically huge but also is just such a striking design. I have my large round jute mirror on a black wall above my bar cart, but I also tried it above my leather couch first and it looked just as good. Consider this mirror if you a statement piece that’s easy to hang.

Slim Gold Geo Round Mirror

Here’s a really interesting option — a gold-framed round mirror with a geometric overlay. I love how it’s subtle while still adding nice detail. Try this for a modern look or in a teen girl’s bathroom. It would pair beautifully with peachy pink walls.

There you have it! The 16 best round mirrors and how to use them. I hope you enjoyed this shopping guide and learned something useful about decorating in the process.

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