Getting My Ish Together: One Room Challenge Week 2

It may be a bit premature to say, but I feel like this is the most together I’ve ever been in week 2 of the One Room Challenge! I sourced stuff, started one of the furniture overhauls, nailed the layout, and GASP, made a to-do list!

Who even am I?

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The Shared Bedroom Layout

OK, cheating a little, I had already figured out the layout as of last week. But I’m just now documenting the show and tell.

We received the beds a couple of months back, which was a thrilling development for all. Nobody likes a floor mattress as their actual bed. Even though we seem to do that a lot around here.

At the time, Josie was dealing with some nighttime fears and insisted on Annabelle being right next to her. Everything fit, but it wasn’t the best layout.

shared bedroom bad layout

The ceiling light was thrown off-center, the window was blocked, and it was a little crunched for space.

But if the girls felt best with this I was willing to make it work.

Oh so very luckily, she grew out of it. As kids do. So we ended up here:

Eight million times better. More space, more symmetrical. Let’s see that side-by-side:

A Key Piece: The Rug

I really needed a rug before selecting the other colors for this room. Like I mentioned, I’m keeping to a strict budget and rugs are notoriously cha-ching. So I turned to my favorite vintage rug resource and scored big:

How gorgeous is this rug??

The vendor I bought my vintage Turkish rug from is having a gigantic sale (70% off) plus free shipping. If you even think you might be in the market for a rug, check them out.

I have half an eye on this tiny for our guest bathroom.

Now that we have this, I feel loads more comfortable deciding what color we need for curtains, duvets, flowers, and wall colors. Halleluiah.

Improving the Laminate Storage Cubes

I’ll be the first to say I have zero problems with laminate storage cubes. They’re the foundation of my office desk/built-in situation. But the ones I pulled out of the girls’ closet have seen better days. When they lived in the closet they were perfect, but now that they’ve been promoted to actual bedroom furniture they need some love.

In this photo, they look pristine, but they’re actually riddled with holes, scuffs, and exposed screws:

So I set out to do a little zero dollar update using some glue, water, and grocery bags:

decoupage supplies for laminate furniture

Typically when people do this decoupage treatment they’re aiming for the look of leather. And it’s an amazing look. That said, it’s not what I’m after here. I basically just want a new and interesting texture that I can use as a base for a new color and maybe add some moss to make it seem like it’s being consumed by the garden.

Maybe. I’ll gauge how messy that could be. Maybe faux leather is better…

See the finished storage cubes and learn how to decoupage laminate furniture.

The To-Do List

Can you believe I made a to-do list? I sure as sugar can’t, ha. I’m not usually this organized, but I’m trying to grow 🙂

  • Buy rug
  • Decoupage storage unit
  • Paint storage unit
  • Make new storage cubes (boxes)
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint glow in the dark stars
  • Ombre paint walls
  • Paint closet
  • Buy wood for closet nook bench
  • Build and upholster floating bench
  • Make battery operated pendant light
  • Make giant paper flowers for walls
  • Buy duvet covers (it was on major clearance!)
  • Dye and (possibly) embellish duvet covers
  • Draw, cut, and assemble shadow box artwork
  • Source and hang window hardware and curtains
  • Source and hang cheap canopy bed curtains
  • Make (?) laundry basket
  • Find an affordable (tiny) settee for under the window (optional)
  • Solve for nightstands (getting stereotypically vague)
  • Figure out what the heck to do with the wall next to the closet nook (to-do list collapse)

Sum It Up

That’s enough for this week, friends. I clearly have a lot to do and very little time to do it in. Meanwhile, check out all the other exciting entries for the One Room Challenge: Quarantine Edition.

Escapism at its absolute best. Until next week…

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