The Week When Not Much Happened: One Room Challenge Week 3

You know when you hit that week of a project where it doesn’t really feel like a whole lot happened? Well, this was that week for me. At least I got a lot done last week though, right?

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So What DID Happen?

Mostly, a lot of running out of supplies, ordering more supplies, and finalizing the color scheme. Of everything, I think the color scheme is the most important.

Originally, I was thinking, hey, this is a kids’ bedroom and they’ll want lots of color! So I waited on the rug to try out some color schemes…

IMHO these are pretty lackluster. I tried some brighter colors on the wall but Annabelle declared them “horrendous” and I trashed them, ha.

I really like making mock-ups because it gives you an idea of whether your idea is great or… not.

I was caught up in the idea of what I thought a little girl would want vs. what MY little girls would want. Style preferences don’t follow clean lines.

They were both adamant that they wanted dark, dramatic, and creepy. So I threw away what I thought I knew about little girls and put on my artist hat.

What happens to a scene at night? The color is stripped. So we landed on this:

I was afraid the kids would find this boring but they very enthusiastically endorsed it

Other than that…

I bought the lumber for the floating closet nook bench, bought the paint, and bought these puck lights for the inside of the giant paper flowers that are happening.

There are so many great tutorials online for paper flowers, but I’ve been looking to this one for some loose guidance.

Improving the Laminate Storage Cubes

These are looking amazing, but I ran out of grocery bags to finish the second one! I ordered a giant roll of craft paper to finish the job next week.

I wish I could say that there’s more but… there’s not.

The To-Do List

A little status update for ya:

  • Buy rug
  • Decoupage storage unit
  • Paint storage unit (The girls prefer it natural.)
  • Make new storage cubes (boxes)
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint glow in the dark stars (paint ordered!)
  • Ombre paint walls
  • Paint closet
  • Buy wood for closet nook bench
  • Build and upholster floating bench
  • Make battery operated pendant light (lights ordered!)
  • Make giant paper flowers for walls
  • Buy duvet covers
  • Dye and (possibly) embellish duvet covers (questioning…)
  • Draw, cut, and assemble shadow box artwork
  • Source and hang window hardware and curtains (narrowed down to finalists)
  • Source and hang cheap canopy bed curtains
  • Make (?) laundry basket
  • Find an affordable (tiny) settee for under the window (optional)
  • Solve for nightstands
  • Figure out what the heck to do with the wall next to the closet nook

That’s All Folks!

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One Room Challenge

Until next week…