A Mutiny: One Room Challenge Week 4

Has my family been yessing me? Are they sick of my talking about this room? Because I finally painted the room IRL, in the approved colors, and there’s a mutiny…

This edition of the One Room Challenge has reached its tipping point.

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They’re Freaking Out

OK, this might be a slight exaggeration, but the husband raises a serious eyebrow every time he walks in and the girls haven’t slept a full night there since the actual painting happened.

The girls assure me that they like it, but they don’t feel comfortable with it half done.

Good grief. Welcome to the messy middle.

I was honestly expecting this. Kids can have some trouble with change. Especially NOW of all times. Josie even accused me of renovating her bedroom when she didn’t want me to.

I hope you all know me well enough at this point to know that this is patently untrue. My kids are obsessed with “Get Out of My Room,” and begged for a makeover.

I get it though — change is unsettling — and I’m not even remotely fazed. I know they’ll love it once it’s done because it’s exactly what they’ve asked for for months.

Moving On…

The walls got painted (the catalyst of the mutiny) and it was kind of a cluster. What started as a one afternoon job turned into a 3-day extravaganza!

The ceiling, the walls, and, unexpectedly, the trim were all bathed in two shades of a yummy midnight navy. I decided to ditch the ombre treatment I had planned after testing it on a small portion of the wall. I didn’t like how it looked at all, so instead, I mixed the rest of the ceiling paint into the wall paint to bridge the color gap a bit and now it’s a beautiful tone-on-tone treatment.

I explained to everyone about how the artwork and lighting will bring life to the walls, and that the darkness will serve to be quiet and give everything else its due.

They get it. They trust me. They never like my rooms in progress but always love the result. 

girls bedroom artwork

Line Drawing of Woman  //  Impressionistic Florals (similar) //  Be You  //  You Feel Like Sunshine

To demonstrate, I hung some of the artwork the girls bought for themselves on a Target run waaaaaayyyy back pre-crazy and they’re very pleased with their choices. Update: the night we hung the artwork was the first night they stayed in their room all night since the paint. Success!

Now we’re just narrowing in on the reading (closet) nook color and getting ready to finally install the bench.

So far no luck in finding a cheap, tiny, Victorian settee online but I ordered the ceiling fan!

The To-Do List

Here’s the weekly update:

  • Buy rug
  • Decoupage storage unit
  • Paint storage unit (The girls prefer it natural.)
  • Make new storage cubes (boxes)
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint glow in the dark stars (paint ordered!)
  • Ombre paint walls (decided against the ombre)
  • Paint closet
  • Buy wood for closet nook bench
  • Build and upholster floating bench
  • Make battery operated pendant light
  • Make giant paper flowers for walls
  • Buy duvet covers
  • Dye and (possibly) embellish duvet covers (questioning…)
  • Draw, cut, and assemble shadow box artwork (optional)
  • Source and hang window hardware and curtains
  • Source and hang cheap canopy bed curtains
  • Make (?) laundry basket
  • Find an affordable (tiny) settee for under the window (optional)
  • Solve for nightstands
  • Figure out what the heck to do with the wall next to the closet nook


So that was a whirlwind of a week but we’re halfway there! In the meantime, check out all the other exciting entries for the One Room Challenge.

Until next week…

One Room Challenge