Look At That Nook! One Room Challenge Weeks 5 & 6

A whole new rooooom! Well, almost, But we’ve made huge strides since week 4. The nook is almost done, the paper flower feature has begun and still, no tiny settee to be found…

All in all, this is shaping up to be my favorite One Room Challenge room to date.

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They’re Freaking Out…

…again, but this time in a good way! The girls are thrilled with how the reading nook is shaping up (Josie actually slept on the unfinished bench the other night) and they’ve declared the paper flowers to be “epic.”

Once the room was drenched in a coat of yummy midnight navy paint, it was ripe for some sweet light and bright to be reintroduced. I painted the reading nook a gorgeous pink that almost emits its own light. I wanted the closet color to feel like the inside of a flower and it really does.

I swear, I did not let the color names influence my choice.

However, we DID end up going with Spring Blossom (2172-70). Truly a coincidence.

So I ripped out the crappy wire shelving in the closet, patched, and painted in under an hour. The opposite of week 4. In other words, FAST.

And yes, I painted wet spackle…

I 100% need to take a moment to thank Handy Paint Products for providing some of the awesome painting products I’ve been using during this entire paint-stravaganza.

I’d been making due before with flimsy paint tray inserts and nope. Such a PIA. I’d used Handy way back in the day and never should have stopped. I use the cup for cutting in and the sturdy tray for rolling.

re is the floating bench frame.

OK, cool, paint. But what about that nook?

I built a bench that holds actual humans!!! So proud.

I might be overstating this a bit since I’ve actually done a fair bit of woodworking in the olden days. It’s been a minute though.

But hey, this frame is square, and level, and again, holds humans.

Mission (basically) accomplished.

Plus, We Started the Flower Feature Wall

The first one came out so good! It was a test, but happily, it was lovely enough to hang. We’ll have a variety of shapes, maybe colors, and a few will even be lit from within.

Still Waiting On…

The curtains and hanging hardware, oy.

did finally get the batting for the bench upholstering and the glow in the dark paint for the ceiling. I know what I’m doing next week!

Still no tiny Victorian (or modern, whatever) settee in sight…

The To-Do List

Here’s the weekly update:

  • Buy rug
  • Decoupage storage unit
  • Paint storage unit (The girls prefer it natural.)
  • Make new storage cubes (boxes)
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint glow in the dark stars (paint ordered!)
  • Ombre paint walls (decided against the ombre)
  • Paint closet
  • Buy wood for closet nook bench
  • Build and upholster floating bench
  • Make battery operated pendant light
  • Make giant paper flowers for walls
  • Buy duvet covers
  • Dye and (possibly) embellish duvet covers (questioning…) Probably will leave as is
  • Draw, cut, and assemble shadow box artwork (optional)
  • Source and hang window hardware and curtains
  • Source and hang cheap canopy bed curtains
  • Make (?) laundry basket
  • Find an affordable (tiny) settee for under the window (optional)
  • Solve for nightstands
  • Figure out what the heck to do with the wall next to the closet nook All the paper flowers


I genuinely feel like I’m almost done, even though the list tells me otherwise! In the meantime, check out all the other exciting entries for the One Room Challenge.

Until next week…