The Finish Line Is In Sight! One Room Challenge Week 7

We’re so close to done. I think. Honestly, I’ve been tweaking my butt off (not to be confused with twerking) and I may have made my to-do list a little longer.

Either way, the One Room Challenge will be done and dusted next week.

One Room Challenge

Random Close-Ups That Will Tell You Little

This will be a slightly disappointing but hopefully intriguing update. I’m sharing a bunch of close-up, not particularly telling, photos of what we’ve been up to:

Still Waiting On…

The curtains and hanging hardware. Still!

But… I found a tiny settee! I can now rest easy in the belief that I’m good mom 🙂

The To-Do List

Here’s the weekly update:

  • Buy rug
  • Decoupage storage unit
  • Paint storage unit (The girls prefer it natural.)
  • Make new storage cubes (boxes) Ugh, stumped. Procrastinating…
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint glow in the dark stars
  • Ombre paint walls (decided against the ombre)
  • Paint closet
  • Buy wood for closet nook bench
  • Build and upholster floating bench
  • Make battery operated pendant light
  • Make giant paper flowers for walls
  • Buy duvet covers
  • Dye and (possibly) embellish duvet covers (questioning…) Probably will leave as is
  • Draw, cut, and assemble shadow box artwork (optional)
  • Source and hang window hardware and curtains
  • Source and hang cheap canopy bed curtains
  • Make (?) laundry basket Pass. Using an existing basket.
  • Find an affordable (tiny) settee for under the window (optional)
  • Solve for nightstands
  • Figure out what the heck to do with the wall next to the closet nook


Well, that was kind of a non-update but I’ve been working hard behind the scenes. I hope the big reveal next week lives up to your expectations! Thanks to everyone in this amazing community who’s supported me along the way.

For now, please take a look at all the other exciting entries for the One Room Challenge.

Until next week…