Solved! The Best Shape Table For a Small Space

Do you have a small dining room? Mine’s not the biggest (and it’s actually a library at the moment, but I’m considering adding a dining table back in).

A lot goes into picking a table that works best for a space — materials, color, style, and perhaps most important, the size and shape of the table. Knowing which one to pick for your room is something that can be tricky, as you want the best possible option to complement the space. So what’s the best table shape for a small space?

The ideal table shape for a small space is a round one, as it allows for more chairs to be placed around it and creates the best flow for foot traffic. However, narrow spaces could benefit from a rectangle or oval table.

Let’s consider the different shapes of tables that could work and help you decide on the right fit for you.

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Determining The Right Table For Small Spaces

You may be looking for a small eat-in kitchen or your dining room, and you need to consider how the table is going to function in the space for day-to-day needs and perhaps for when you’re entertaining guests.

First, consider the room’s shape, size, and how many people will sit around the table regularly.

Measure the length and width of the room, so you know exactly what dimensions you need to work within. Now think about the shape of the room. If the room is long and narrow, then a rectangular or oval table will be your best option, but if it’s square, then a round or square table will be a better fit for the space.

You should have a minimum of 30″ between all sides of the table and the wall, and at least 24″ between the table and any large furniture, such as a console table or buffet.

Round Tables For Small Spaces

A bonus of the circular-shaped table is that you can typically fit more chairs around it than a square or rectangular table. This is because the lack of corners allows for more flexible chair placement.

They work for both round and square-shaped rooms and are great for dinner parties. Round tables allow people to chat more easily with everyone at the table vs. having to only speak with the person next to or across from you.

So if you have a small space and need to accommodate four or more people at a time, then the round table will be your best option.

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Square Tables For Small Spaces

A square table is more formal (in general) than a round table, but you usually can’t fit as many people around it at a time as with a round table. It can be a good choice if you want to push it against a wall when it’s not in use.

Suppose you only need to seat two or three people at the table at any given time. In that case, you can place the square table against the wall indefinitely, which will save space day to day but allows you to pull it out and seat more people when company comes. You can’t do the same with a round table. 

A small square table offers a more intimate setting. The shape encourages interaction and allows people their own space while being close.

Rectangular Or Oval Tables For Small Spaces

Rectangular dining tables are a classic, and there are good reasons for this, one of the main reasons being that many dining rooms are designed in a rectangular shape. They are also one of the tables that allows you to seat the most people at any given time.

Oval-shaped tables, (like the round table) allow for more people to be seated at them.

Depending on how long the table is, it may or may not work in a small dining room. A shorter rectangular table will work if your room is decidedly rectangular shaped. In other words, it’s narrow but elongated. In that case, a round or square table will not be your best option for maximizing the use of space.

Extendable Dining Tables

If you have a room that can accommodate larger tables but would prefer to have one that is smaller, for the most part, you can always opt for an extendable table so that you have the option of adding table surface area. These are great if you entertain regularly but don’t want the table to fill up as much space day to day. 


Before you go out and purchase your table, look at the room’s shape, as this will directly impact the form of the table you need to buy, and take proper measurements to narrow down your options. In the end, tables for small spaces can be any shape, but round is usually best.