The Weekly Edit: Volume 5

Welcome to The Weekly Edit! There’s so much good stuff to discover around the web that I thought it would be fun to share the best things I find each week with you. Let’s dig in.

The Weekly Edit: Volume 5 from Bloom in the Black. Discover the best of the web in home decor, DIY, fashion, food, and lifestyle.

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This week at BitB…

It started with sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures and ended in snow. New England weather is weird.

Regardless, I shared a helpful post on how to make the easiest DIY furniture project of your life and a video outlining the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid when using hairpin legs. Other than that, most of the week was spent addressing some sorely needed technical admin. Fun times ha!

and from around the interwebs…

This week I’m excited to share a featured post (because this recipe is just that good…):

I’m feeling hyper-aware that bathing suit season is upon us (yikes), and have been on the hunt for some healthy recipes. I LOVE egg salad and this one feels indulgent but is actually very healthy.

And then to celebrate how healthy I’m being, I’ll go ahead and make these.

Have you heard of Kindercore? Apparently, it’s the newest design trend. You know what else is a trend? Adding the “core” to the end of words and calling them trends. Still, I thought this was interesting and definitely in keeping with what I’ve been noticing in the home decor realm.

I saw an ad for this on Pinterest and while I have zero idea if it’s any good, it looks like magic. I really hate driving screws in tight spots.

Did you hear that Target relaunched their Pillowfort line? I know it’s for kids, but this shelf is calling my name.

I though these tips for decorating on a budget were really helpful.

This sweet DIY could make a good Mother’s Day gift.

I just found this clothing site that looks promising for those of us who want to look stylish but not like a teenager. Sorry not sorry, I still like my skinny jeans! I’ll report back if I order anything.

I think that about wraps it up! I hope you have an amazing weekend and that you enjoyed starting it off with this time together 🙂

Until next week my friend!