18 Best Wood Coffee Tables for Your Living Room

A perennial classic, wood coffee tables are a great home decor investment. Your living room is likely where you spend a good chunk of your downtime, so a good coffee table is a must-have. But how do you decide on the perfect coffee table for you?

In this post, I’ll explain what to look for in a quality wood coffee table and share my top three picks for each decor style.

Don’t worry — your search for a non-generic coffee table ends here.

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What should you look for in a wood coffee table?? This guide to buying wood coffee tables explains how to find the best coffee tables online, plus my top three picks for every décor style. This coffee table round up will end your search for the perfect living room centerpiece once and for all.

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What To Look For When You Buy a Wood Coffee Table

Beside the obvious — looks — there are a few things you should look for when buying a wood coffee table, especially online:

  • Material should, ideally, be solid wood. If you’re on a very tight budget then by all means, look to cost over material. But if you’re wanting something that will last more than a year or two, look for a coffee table that’s made of solid wood instead of particle board and wood grain printed laminate.
  • Read the best and worst reviews. My husband actually taught me this trick — start with the one-star reviews and read what the issues are. If there are a lot that mention issues with something like poor construction or looking cheap, you might want to pass. Also, see what the better reviews are saying. If you see certain comments popping up repeatedly, those are the ones to pay attention to, good or bad.
  • Look to reputable stores and dealers. Larger companies will have great return policies if you change your mind or have an issue, but don’t discount small businesses on places like Etsy either. Just be sure to read return policies and understand how the shipping works (and what it costs). Small businesses can be a treasure trove of unique, high-quality goods. Do your due diligence and you should be fine.

The Best Wood Coffee Tables

Here are my top three picks for each style of wood coffee table. These options are primarily solid wood, beautifully designed, and have good reviews. Click the links to jump to each section or keep scrolling to browse them all!

Round Wood Coffee Tables

Round Mango Wood Coffee Table

This gorgeous open storage coffee table is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. At 32″ diameter, the round top has plenty of room to add a tray for remotes, a stack of coasters, and a few decorative objects while still allowing space to set a drink around the perimeter. The best part — aside from the striking silhouette — is the lower shelf. Stash a basket full of books or throw blankets in there to grab as needed.

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Carved Wood Coffee Table

Add some global flair to your living room with this carved wood coffee table. Each table is handmade, ships for free, and supports a small business. I imagine this unique table in a boho-styled home or as an exciting point of interest in a transitional decor scheme.

Low Round Wood Coffee Table

Masculine. Chic. This is James Bond as a coffee table. I’m obsessed with the contrast of the super thick top against the slim brass legs. Pair this beauty with a lush velvet sofa in a wood-paneled library for a room you won’t want to leave until spring.

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Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

This reclaimed wood coffee table is the perfect intersection between neo-classical and rustic. One of the best features of this handmade table is that you can have it customized to the exact size and finish that you want! You can feel secure in ordering from this seller as they’ve been with Etsy since 2015. If you love an RH look but lack the budget, you need to consider this table.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

For a vintage meets modern look that goes with almost any style, try this reclaimed rectangular wood table. Offered in a wide range of sizes and finishes, you’ll be able to get the perfect match for your living room. I would use this coffee table anywhere from a coastal cottage, to a rustic cabin, to a modern suburban farmhouse.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

I really like the mini trestle detail of this coffee table. I can see this option in a warm, casual family room paired with a squashy sectional. One thing to note: there are only two reviews of this item and they are wildly differing. I share this because the bad review seems due to poor handling in shipping and the store has a good return policy. If you love it, consider it, but proceed with a bit of caution.

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Rectangular Wood Coffee Table

Burnished Wood Coffee Table

A table that works with many styles, this teak coffee table feels a little bit global and a little bit midcentury. The clean lines work with a modern aesthetic and the warmth of the wood can hold its own in a more rustic setting. If you’re still unsure of where you want to take your home decor but don’t want to buy a throwaway piece, this coffee table could be a good option for you.

Solid Teak Branch Coffee Table

Hello, statement piece! This chunky block coffee table is constructed of hundreds of branches fused into a solid block. Equal parts warm and modern, you can use this literally anywhere in your home. I love this table paired with a large coffee table book and a sculpted bust of some sort.

Rectangular Coffee Table

Another rustic meets modern option, this open storage coffee table looks very high-end, yet remains approachable. Stack your collection of design and architecture books on the bottom shelf, and plop a less serious tray for remotes and snacks on top.

Modern Wood Coffee Table

Whitewashed Wood Coffee Table

Modern with an oh so slight farmhouse twist this whitewashed wood inlay coffee table is what you’d get if a barn door and a waterfall table had a baby. This table would be equally at home beside a smooth as butter leather sofa or a slipcovered square arm.

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Square Wood Coffee Table

I struggled with whether to put this stunner into modern or reclaimed wood, but that surrealist floating effect sealed the deal on modern for me. This super chunky coffee table made from salvaged oak beams manages to strike the ideal balance between light and heavy due to its inset base, making it appear to hover weightlessly over the floor. Perfect for a giant sectional, you’ll need substantial furniture to balance this coffee table. Skip this option if your couch is sleek and leggy.

High Gloss Wood Coffee Table

I call this glossy wood coffee table classic modern. It will quietly hold its own among more traditional furniture, as well as complement a more modern room. Stock up on coasters for this baby — nothing looks worst than a water ring on a shiny tabletop. Use the lower deck for keeping books or a large decorative bowl.

Cheap Wood Coffee Tables (Under $100)

Barn Wood Coffee Table

A good quality coffee table can still be found for under $100. This reclaimed barnwood table is crafted from solid wood and simply begs to be used in a rustic farmhouse living room. The humble lines open up a ton of possibilities for decor — this table would truly shine during the holidays with the addition of some greens and candles or a bowl of ornaments.

Two Shelf Wood Coffee Table

Coming in at an unheard of $52 this modern two-shelf coffee table is the most affordable of the bunch. While the wooden shelves aren’t solid wood, they are engineered hardwood which is a good quality material. This is an excellent option for a first home when you still need to buy everything and have to save on something.

Midcentury Wood Coffee Table

Unassuming and midcentury are the best ways to describe this classic leggy coffee table. Choose this piece if you want a table that takes a back seat to the rest of the room. A word of caution: the top is made from MDF with a wood veneer overlay. Its initial quality is beautiful but be cautious of scratches as you can’t sand them out.

Wooden Coffee Tables With Storage

Industrial Barn Wood Coffee Table With Storage

This rustic farmhouse industrial coffee table is PERFECT for families. Not only is she sturdy and stunning, but the amount of storage in this table can’t be beat. There’s a lift top at the back, two drawers at the front, and a large open shelf underneath. Corral remotes and other less attractive odds and ends in the drawers, fold a cozy throw to store in the large compartment and stack a bunch of board games on the bottom shelf for easy access.

Pop-up Storage Coffee Table

Do you ever work in front of the TV? Then consider this pop-up storage coffee table. The back section pops up to desk height so you can work or eat from the comfort of your living room, and also reveals a generous storage compartment. The style of this table is fairly neutral, so it blends with pretty much any decor scheme.

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Open Storage Coffee Table

This showstopping wood coffee table is best if the things you need to store are pretty, and if you’re very neat. Think collections of books, games, tidy baskets of pillows and blankets,. Also perfect for displaying purely decorative objects, choose this coffee table if you’re ready to invest in a designer piece built to last, pass down, and frankly, show off!

Wood Slice Coffee Table

Wood Slice Coffee Table

Choose this classic wood slice option if you want something that’s organic meets industrial. The wildly varying contours of the tabletop contrast beautifully with the sleek steel of the hairpin legs.

Teak Root Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a coffee table that’s purely as nature intended, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous teak root table. I love how organic the shape is. Imagine this table holding court in the middle of a modern living room? Mind-blowing.

Live Edge Olive Wood Coffee Table

I saved one of the best for last. This olive wood slice table with resin inlay is nothing short of pure magic. This table needs to be the star of the show, so be prepared to let the rest of your furniture take a backseat. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m staring down at a hidden lagoon when I look at this piece. Simply stunning.

There you have it! The 18 best wood coffee tables for your living room. I hope you enjoyed this shopping guide and learned something useful about decorating in the process.

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