I Took the Week Off

Hey friends! It’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge and frankly, I didn’t really make progress this week.

Once the paint went up on the walls last week, I started having misgivings…

black and blue wall with leather couch

It was looking a whole lot more blue than I’d expected. And I wasn’t sure I was feeling it.

And then this view:

kitchen and living room transition in open concept

That’s a pretty severe transition. Granted, you only really see this if you’re walking up the stairs from the basement, but it’s there.

And then the real problem:

Yeah, that cannot stand.

So this suddenly turned into a much bigger project than I’d planned for. It’s clear that the color and board and batten will need to wrap down this hallway and across the entrance until it hits the door way to the library

View from the library into the front entrance
This is the view into the entryway from the library.

My action plan was to take a week off and think things through. I needed perspective!

Here’s what I determined:

  • The blue isn’t that bad and once the art is on the walls, it will line up with my original vision. They stand.
  • I definitely have to do the hallway too. That corner transition looks like an 80s nightmare.
  • The kitchen transition will be fine once the curtains are up. If I choose wisely, the color and pattern of the fabric will act as a nice bridge.

What’s Next?

  • Paint the hallway
  • Measure and purchase wood for board and batten
  • Install and paint board and batten
  • Install area rug when carpet tiles arrive
  • DIY and (possibly) order more art
  • Build frames
  • Design or purchase fabric for ottoman and possibly curtains
  • Buy rod and curtains, hang
  • Slipcover ottoman
  • Refinish bridge piece on ottoman
  • Buy or build media console/sideboard

I’m cracking up reading this list. Anybody think I’ll finish by week 8? I sure don’t but that’s ok. I’d rather do it well than rush <3

Come back next week for another update on the living room design progress and in the meantime, be sure to check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge. Show them some love!

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