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The Living Room Reveal! Um, Kinda…

Let’s just call this post what it is: a placeholder.

Today was supposed to be the big One Room Challenge reveal day for my living room, but life happened. Sold out items happened. Overzealously nailed baseboards happened.

I’ve done four of these and finished all of them on time — this one just wasn’t in the cards. Here are my previous rooms in case you missed any of them!

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So what happened?

Mainly, I started working an office job again and it was a challenging transition after almost a year. But there were a couple of other contributing factors.

Blue and black living room in progress

I started doubting my vision

The blue was feeling far too blue and I started hating my chair rail idea. Plus? It was obvious that I needed to carry the changes through the adjacent hallway and entryway, making this a MUCH bigger project than I’d intended.

I needed to take some time to recalibrate.

Ultimately, I realized the blue works once the artwork and the curtains go up. The chair rail? That definitely stayed gone. It took me a couple of weeks to firm up exactly what type of wainscotting I wanted to do (and was capable of doing). I landed on this and I love the test panel I installed! It still needs the small cove moulding transition under the cap but you get the gist:

Test panel of wainscotting.

But then…

The baseboards. Oh, the baseboards.

I had to remove the baseboards to install the wainscot

To do the wainscotting properly, all the baseboards need to be removed. Which should be a big deal, except that they’re sunk below the floor line with an abundance of nails.


On the longer runs of baseboard, there isn’t enough leverage to pry the boards back far enough to clip the bottom row of nails. I know there’s a way around this, but that’s where I got stuck last week and I haven’t had time to troubleshoot.

These baseboards are stuck

The good news

The fireplace looks fabulous. The art is fabulous. And with a job, I have a little more budget to work with.

It just might take me a little longer to get there 😉

The art and the black fireplace

Never fret! The room WILL get finished and when it is, I’ll come back and update this post with all of the glorious after photos.

In the meantime, check out my fellow guest participants in the One Room Challenge who may actually have finished their rooms on time, ha!

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