Living Room Design Update: Everything is Sold Out!

In week 3 of my One Room Challenge project, not a whole lot of physical labor happened. It was mostly pivoting, shopping, and planning.

In a nutshell — a few of the items I’d planned to purchase for the room were sold out. Key items.

Womp womp.

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Obviously I needed to change course. The chair (and the back-up chair) I’d built my design around were sold out so I needed to decide whether to:

a.) Order something overpriced simply because it was available and I liked it.

b.) Order something on budget simply because it was available and I didn’t hate it.

c.) Order something on budget that I loved, but wait until October for delivery.

None of these options was doing it for me, so I turned to…


I’m very persistent when it comes to hunting down the perfect piece. And I finally found it!

I’m happy to report that this beauty will arrive by next week!

Also sold out? The IKEA cabinets I’d planned to use for my TV lift cabinet. This is a bit trickier. I could build it from scratch, but it might cost more than I’d like. I could find a freestanding piece, but that won’t be cheap either.

I decided to table the issue for now and figure it out later!


I finally narrowed down my paint colors and the samples are up on the wall! It’s down to these two:

Yes, they are very similar 🙂

Goals for the week

My plan is to choose a color and have the walls and trim painted by week 4 (next week).

If you want a more detail on the rest of the week, be sure to check out the YouTube video!

Come back next week for another update on the living room design progress and in the meantime, be sure to check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge. Show them some love!

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